March 2, 2007

Only 60 Out Of 500 Canadian Muslims Think Cutting Off Harper's Head Is Justifiable

This is how I picture how moderate Canadian Muslims pray:

Environics recently published a survey which questioned 500 Muslims living in Canada about their views on various issues.
The overwhelming majority of Canadian Muslims surveyed like living here, and do not support terrorist activity (at least within Canada).
The disturbing part of the poll is that 12 percent of Canadian Muslims believe the foiled terrorist attacks a cell of Muslim radicals were plotting for southern Ontario last summer were justified. That plot included cutting off Stephen Harper's head. I wonder if 12% or even 1% of any group in Canada can justify domestic terrorism other than Muslims. And who knows how many of the Muslims interviewed justify international terrorism. Lets just say that is is more than 12%.

Lets see, 12% isn't really a big number if those are the chances that the football team you are betting will win the game, but it is a big number when you are talking about those among us who are supporters of assmonkey terrorism. 700,000 Canadian Muslims multiplied by .12 equals 84,000 potential terrorists or potential terrorist enablers.

The Liberals and the Canadian Joke Party (The NDP) recently got together to make it easy for those 84,000 Muslims to fuck up Canada by voting against two provisions to the Anti-terrorism act.

Like I said before, if extra time was spent on me at the border because I look semitic or I have a semitic sounding name, I have no problem with it. We shouldn't make it harder to prevent terrorism. There is no sign that terrorists have given up.

CSIS identified over 50 possible terror cells in Canada and we are very close to the Islamic capital of North America: Dearborn.

Screw the Liberal party and of course the NDP. Is Stephane Dion courting the terrorist vote? You decide. He is courting the Muslims, that is for sure. Especially the Muslims, who put their head in the sand when hate is taught at Mosques and those who deny the reality of why Islam is perceived the way it is in the West.

The sad thing is that the moderate Canadian Muslim population is pretty much completely silent and overwhelmingly impotent when it comes to dismantling the radical element. The allow the radical element to be their spokepeople.

Only 7% of Canadian Muslims vote Conservative. Now that is a low number, and it is very telling. It means that 650,000 out of 700,000 Muslims don't mind making it easier for terrorists to do their thing in Canada.

I've always said that The Conservative Party in Canada is the lesser of three evils.
Islam (yeah, I know I can say "radical Islam," but I'm not) is the biggest potential danger to humanity other than natural disasters. The Conservatives understand this and haven't backed down on bit.

Oh, you don't believe me about Islam being the greatest threat to humanity? Here is a pretty cool site:

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  1. There's a reason that Iran, under no circumstances, can have a nuclear weapon. And you have stated that reason in today's post.

    I'm not a fan of religion, but at least Christianity (and by osmosis, Judasim) have been defanged by the period of the Enlightenment. Islam has yet to have a 'reformation' or 'enlightenment'. If anything, they seem to be going in the opposite direction.

    I'd say that 1000 years ago, the Muslims were more level headed than the Christians. The roles have reversed.

  2. Islam being the greatest threat to humanity?

    I'd rather think of it at the greatest threat to civilization,
    the greatest threat to democracy,
    the greatest threat to free thinking,
    the greatest threat to freedom of religion,
    the greatest threat to human rights,
    the greatest threat to the pursuit of knowledge,
    the greatest threat to rational thought...

  3. I agree that racial profiling is necessary. My husband got body searched at an English airport because he has an Irish Catholic name. He was annoyed with the search but not with the reason. Politicians really do have to stop listening to the whiners. When will the liberals and NDP learn that the whiners will never stop - they'll just find something new to whine about - like the teachers do.

  4. You should have asked your Persian papa about Islam and the head chop routine.

  5. Teachers - Now there is a sorry lot for you. When were were kids, teachers took care of their shit before and after school hours. Now, parents are scrambling to get care for their children on "teachers workshops" and related dodo that always seems to fall on a Friday or Monday. When questioned, they retort that they only are required to teach a certain number of days per year. Teachers these days, have got it dicked. And they are unionised so they could give a shit about any criticism. Of course, there are the selfish ones that have no kids. No sweat for them. I remember going into a restaurant where they were having one of their workshops around noontime, and seeing the table loaded with bottles of wine and snax for which the taxpayers paid for. Rubbish.

  6. I feel the need to point out that surveys are the most inaccurate way of finding information around. Which may be what the "talking head" was talking about.

  7. RE: "I'm not a fan of religion, but at least Christianity (and by osmosis, Judasim) have been defanged by the period of the Enlightenment."

    This is a very important statement and I do like the way it has been expressed - "defanged"

    And an important aspect of this "defanging" was the enlightenment and the age of reason, which, I hasten to add, not only has the islamic world NOT experienced, but large %s of the christian world is trying damn hard to pretend that it never happened either.

    I don't see the problems as being part of a religious war as many people do, but as essentially a war against secularism. And of course the bastion of secularism is western democracy.

    Not only are the fundamentalist muslims at war against the secular west, but also the fundamentalist christians.

    When you think about it, both groups dislike the same things. Different faces of the same coin.

  8. BeepX2, it is easier for Western Fundamentalists to see the truth because they aren't imprisoning or killing us for spouting it anymore.
    The YEC movement is dying. They can't withstand the information age. Give it a little more time. But those willing to blow themselves up for a mythological belief, are the biggest danger to humanity and everything else Lex lists.

  9. BEAJ:

    You're reading an awful lot into precious few data. Surveys have limited significance and this one was a microscopic one: you're trying to predict the behaviour of 700,000 Canadian Muslims based on the answers of just 60 (sixty)!

    To claim a sample of 500 is somehow representative of a population of 700,000 is very, very debatable: in fact, statistically that doesn't make much sense.

    The fact of the matter is that you would accept any such result from any such poll because they would confirm the stereotype you buy into: it's not a relatively small number of Radical Islamists that's the problem, it's actually Islam itself.

    The image that North Americans have of Muslims and Arabs is really quite disturbing and not very reality based at all. That perception, by the way, existed also before 9/11 and the preceding terror attacks (Kenya, USS Cole, Hezbollah. etc). And Americans in particular also cannot be bothered to look at their own misdemeanours in the region, such as for example Mossadeq coup, their support for the Israeli occupation of Lebanon (in Lebanon I) and many other incidents. This way of course it's very easy for the US leadership to make the general public believe US shit always smells like roses and everyone else is always to blame. This policy has now backfired on a rather grand scale in Iraq but will they learn? I doubt it: the historical insight of average Joe can be carbon-dated back to about last Tuesday...

    Also, I present you with a couple of hundred (or more) links to Israeli/Jewish blogs/sites that advocate the expulsion/genocide of Palestinian Arabs/Israeli Arabs, will you accept it as proof of the genocidal nature of Israelis/Jews? No, of course not because it wouldn't be proof at all, just like your survey doesn't prove much at all but will serve only to further entrench conservative Canadians in their simplistic (at best) or racist (at worst) attitudes...

  10. Gert, first off this study is representative of 500 Muslims not 60.
    The links to the survey give a plus or minus chance of error to be 4.4%. So the number of Muslims who can justify domestic terrorism in Canada could be as low as 50,000 or as high as 110,000. Either number is too high for my liking.

  11. @ Gert well said

    @beaj you should re-read what he said

    "you're trying to predict the behaviour of 700,000 Canadian Muslims based on the answers of just 60 (sixty)!"
    meaning your predicting the opinions and actions 50,000- 110,000 people based on, 60 out of 500 peoples answers.

  12. The Pat, it is a prediction based on what 500 Muslims said. Take a stats course. And again, there is a 4.4% margin or error. That is how stats work.
    The only thing I question is the wording and context of the question which at this time I have little knowledge of. This can skew an answer. But all things being equal, this is an unacceptable number, and I do know it would be higher if these Muslims were asked about Palestinian suicide bombings being justified.

  13. Sunday, March 4, 2007 Sunday, March 4, 2007The Gazette > News > Montreal

    Radioactive device stolen from site

    Police are anxious to recover a portable radioactive nucleodensimeter reported missing yesterday from a construction site in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The instrument is used to take soil samples and measure the depth of ground water. If tampered with or operated by someone who doesn't know how to use it, it could be dangerous. The Surete du Quebec warns anyone who finds the yellow, hinged box-like machine not to touch it and to call 911. Stickers on the device clearly identify it as radioactive.

    One was also stolen in the States recently. It's from your terror site. Who would want that except terrorists? It can only kill indiscriminately , question is how much radius for a dirty bomb if possible or ca it be used to poison a water supply? So want are the odds that one of those Lebanese Hezbollah immigrants got it? Montreal is an Islamist hotbed.

    Islam should be outlawed as a religion of Hate and War. Any Islamic that refuses to renounce it should be deported.

    America should nuke the Islamic hotbeds of Toronto and Montreal in order to secure their northern borders. If there are any non-Muslims left in those cities right now I recommend you get out before you are beheaded or nuked by the Islamic terorists. Get out now while you have the chance.

  14. BEAJ:

    The margin of error is very difficult to calculate, even in much simpler problems of mathematical statistics. The margin of error is dependent essentially on sample size and absolute measuring error. It's clear to me that to arrive at such a low margin of error (4.4%) with such a small sample, the researchers are assuming that the measuring error is very small but that's a highly, highly debatable position: as you indicated yourself, there remains the problem of asking the right questions. In politics, referenda e.g. aren't often used, simply because the answer tends to be embedded in the formulation of the question.

    And how indicative is the answer one gives anonymously (and therefore somewhat gratuitously) to a survey question, of one's potential behaviour?

    It would be much more intellectually honest of you to simply defend your opinion regarding the threat of Radical Islam without resorting to questionable, potentially pseudo-scientific crutches like this "surveyette"...

  15. Hey Max, welcome back, you genocidal maniac. Nuking Toronto and Montreal aren't on the top of my nuking list.
    I would try Mecca first and see what happens. It might have a modernizing affect on the Muslims if they don't have the centre of their universe anymore. The destruction of the second temple had a positive affect on Jewish thought at that time.

    Gert, this is a blog. I like to stick with facts, but most of my opinions are based on facts I would like to think. This survey confirms by beliefs, which is a hodge podge of different evidence that I've seen regarding Western Muslims. A very high percentage still believe that Muslims didn't carry out 9/11 for example. Cognitive dissonance or dishonesty?
    If you can provide a "surveyette" that shows different types of results, I would be happy to look at it, and possibly have my opinion swayed. But until then.....

  16. Oh, well... I suppose nuking Mecca wouldn't constitute genocide...

    What is it with this nuking thing of lately? Do people seriously believe this to be an option? Perhaps the Iranians have good cause to pursue nukes after all. Mutually Assured Destruction having provided quite an effective deterrent against the use of nuclear weapons, and all that jazz. I'll have to refresh my knowledge of Game Theory again...

    Or perhaps Iran shouldn't be allowed a nuclear deterrent, so we can happily go and nuke them with impunity?

  17. I guess idiots like Gert haven't got it. Because Iran is about to have nukes (or has them already) the world is about to have it's nuclear war finally. We have waited to irradiate the planet, now our patience is paying off.

    Perhaps Gert will get real lucky and (his/it's) home city will be the one that is nuked by the terrorist nuke bought from Iran on the black market.
    I guess Gert must be a friend of the Ass-monkeys.
    Hey Bacon, I was just hoping they would nuke all the banks in Toronto too because they are the mainstay of our repressive fascist power that is best friends with the Ass monkey Islamofascists.
    And now for something completely different:

    Putting Down the System Dogs

    This the first, I am the prototype. If anyone else anywhere (look under the bed) has a plan to actually change the rotten system, I'd like to see it.