March 6, 2007

Video Response To "Israel Shouldn't Exist" Rhetoric

I was going to make this a two-parter, but I decided, so far at least, that this gets most of my message out:

I am using the video to respond on Youtube to anti-Israel rhetoric and hopefully it will change a few minds as well.

Tension In The Canadian Blogosphere

Anti-semite in denial assmonkey blogger Robert McCLelland got his ass handed to recently for comments he made on one of his crappy posts a few days ago. First he defended the Stormfront-like spewing from retarded poster Arthurdeccco. See comment #2.

Then, later in the thread, Robert showed his intelligence and love of Jews but stating:
Quoting fellow imbecile Tri-Guy:
"When the State starts rounding up my Jewish neighbours, I’ll speak up."

Robert stated:

Not me. People like Klownsella, Chernyuk and Smeagol the Jew have taught me it’s not worth getting involved. When next they come for the Jews I doubt I’ll even be able to muster up a “what a shame”.

I've written about My Blahg and Robert Mclelland before. He and his flock are politically impotent screwballs, but it is fun to watch them implode and throw feces in their cages.

Shlemazl makes a great comparison to McCLelland and his flock of Left Wing anti-semites and Nazis.

The biggest efforts came from Jason Cherniak (Cherniak on Politics) and Steve (Fluid Mind), who through their pens, got the NDP to disassociate themselves with McClelland.

I followed Cherniaks lead and removed Ontario Blogs (administered by McClelland) from my sidebar. Here are Cherniaks posts on the subject:

Blogging Dippers Should Revolt

NDP Condemns McClelland

Why I Did It

McClelland Off Progressive Bloggers

Cherniak is a smart guy. He is a Canadian Liberal though, most probably because his family have a proud Liberal party history. I am confident he will become a Conservative though. After all, OBL would want the Liberals to be in control of Canada right now. He'd really want the NDP's, but they have no shot. The Liberal party in Canada today has evolved into a party that attracts those who support terrorism.

One more thing:

I got an email to participate and have my readers participate too, if they wish on a blog called Blog To America.

Basically it is what is states; write a letter to America and it will most likely get published there. My letter. It is open to anyone from anywhere. Cal from Oman posted a negative letter that pretty much blamed Jews and support for Israel on why he didn't like America. I like the comments left there. He got bitch slapped severely. At least in the first 10 comments to date. Fun reading the comments.


  1. nice use of rhetoric there beaj

  2. The Pat, your reply is rhetorical.
    If you have a problem with the facts presented on my video, lets hear them.
    The problem with the Paliphile side is that it is based on false presumptions and not fact, this is what makes most of their whinings rhetorical.

  3. Hi BEAJ,

    Off Topic:

    You need to take a look at the new,
    Conservapedia, a Christian answer to wikipedea, check out the atheism entry, and the evolution entry, personally I just can't get enough!!
    I'd love to see you post your impressions.
    Take care

  4. Mark, I know my posts have been long of late, but if you check the last half of my second most recent post, I've covered Conservapedia. Check it out.

  5. Oh, man, I'm sorry your blog is where I found out about it! My bad.
    Great post by the way.

  6. That was an interesting commentary. You have a nice voice for blogging, but the delivery needs a bit of work.You were starting to get the hang of it at the end. It's hard doing any kind of audio blogging. I tried it. I decided against it. It requires too much scripting. I figure if I'm going to script anyway, I might as well keep writing.

    I would note that the United States was a country that was built on the notion that it was empty, the settlers built it up, therefore it could claim it. It didn't do the Indians any good, but there you go.

    You seem like a much nicer guy on video than on your blog.

  7. Hi Suzanne, I did it on one take, and it was kind of a tough subject where I wanted to get in a lot in 6 minutes.
    You should check my other videos at Youtube, either check my sidebar or do a "baconeater" search at youtube to find them. Just started doing the vblog thingy.
    Arabs in the sovereign part of Israel aren't living on a reservation, nobody had to move in 1948...but they chose war.

    Oh, I am a nice guy, I'm just a mean typist.

  8. I was referring to this

    "The Liberal party in Canada today has evolved into a party that attracts those who support terrorism."

    To call a party pro terror for opposing an act, that may be against some pretty basic human rights is pretty rhetorical. however on looking again I noticed its in bold, does this mean its a quote? if so these"" may come in handy.

  9. The Pat, read the sentence again. It doesn't mean that the Liberal party ONLY attracts those who support terrorism. But those who support terrorism in Canada are highly likely to vote Liberal.

  10. BEAJ:
    Nice video, you packed a lot in there, and it's good stuff.

    As for delivery, please, pretty please, I mean this in a strictly constructive-criticism manner, lose the hat.

  11. Those that think israel's shit doesn't stink should just move there and quit whining, yourself included.

  12. ps:

    quit with the cheesy videos already. You need a job and leave the house once in awhile.

  13. The hat is there for a reason: to block the reflection off the chrome dome. It does look pretty retarded.

  14. Speaking of cue ball chrome domes:

    A guy walked into a bar with his pet monkey and ordered a drink. While he was drinking, the monkey jumped all around the place. It grabbed some olives off the bar and ate them, then grabbed some sliced limes and ate
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    The bartender screamed at the guy, "Did you see what your monkey just

    The guy said, "No, what?"

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    "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me," replied the guy, "he eats everything in sight. Sorry, I'll pay for the cue ball and stuff." He finished his drink, paid his bar bill and paid for the stuff the monkey ate and walked out.

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    The bartender was disgusted. "Did you see what your monkey did now?" he asked.

    "No, what?" replied the guy.

    "Well, he stuck a maraschino cherry up his butt, pulled it out and ate it.
    The same with a peanut!"

    "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me." said the guy.

    "He still eats everything in sight, but ever since he had to pass that cue ball, he measures everything first."

  15. I quite liked your video: you've got it right in many parts but in my view also wrong in others.

    That the process on Israel's nation building is no different from the creation of almost any modern Nation State on the planet is a fact: Israel is far less unique than many on either side of this debate accept.

    As regards anti-Semitism: European anti-Semitism (AS), which is the root of all AS has a religious root cause. The tearaways from Judaism, the early Christians, became increasingly intolerant of Judaic influence, in their attempt to create their own, distinct world religion. From these early rumblings of AS, the whole thing morphed over the centuries into different strains of AS, as we see them today. Although Nazi AS had almost nothing to do with religious friction, it would almost certainly have not arisen without the religious root cause back in them biblin' days of yore.

    For a better understanding of early Zionism and the role played by Herzl and other influential figures of the day, I would suggest to read this essay by David Zarnett, a Canadian Jew currently in London to study for a Masters in History. David and I have often crossed words amicably and this is one of his finest essays. I republished it also over at mine.

    As regards the tendency to try and apportion blame in the Israel/Palestine conflict, I have long given up on that. A conflict that is over a hundred years old is by definition what one British Jew (now Israeli) called a tit-for-tat-for-tit-for-tat-palindrome.

    I look forward to your second instalment because I'm a little non-plussed at your closing remarks about "intolerance": nothing arises out of a vacuum and neither does the latter.

    As regards the "paliphiles": let me assure you that ignorance regarding the history of this conflict if rife on both sides of the outsiders looking in: there is no shortage of US sympathisers who will support Israel no matter what, neither helped not hindered by any real knowledge of the conflict (again, Israel is hardly unique in this).

  16. As regards Schlemazl's "contribution", personally I didn't think people still thought in such stereotypical ways about the left: these associations with "Nazis", "Stalin", and "anti-Semites" are as ridiculous as Robert's own hateful noises. Sorry, but it's all very, very, very petty and Schlemazl doesn't come off looking quite smart in his exchange with Robert either. It seems to me Schlemazl is one of those simpletons who equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitic attacks but retains the prerogative to call anyone a "Nazi", a "Stalinist" or a "Socialist". Puerile to the nth degree...

    And your own comment: "I couldn't comment on MyBlahg to defend myself, but I never said that Muslims SHOULD be sterilized. I have said that Europe should heavily tax any couple that has more than 2 kids though, to protect themselves for the future demographic problem they will have." shows how little you understand of European demographics, that you have to resort to farcical nonsense like that.

  17. Beaj- thanks for fighting the good fight man. Keep it up.

  18. Love that joke, BEAJ. I wonder if rickey fit up the monkey's butt?

  19. Michael, I picture Rickey as the monkey.

    Gert, as far as Europe demographics go, I just read the numbers at Lex's blog. The percentage of Muslims are small today...except for France, but they tend to grow quickly as Muslims average over 4 kids per couple, while secular Europeans have something like 1.5. In France 30% of kids under 18 are now Muslim.

    As far as religion being the root can say Judaism is the root cause of Christianity. Yes, the Europeans were told that Jews were Christ killers, etc, but by the time it was blatant, it was directed at the ethnicity more than the religion. It become way more than hating Jews because they didn't accept Christ. That being said, in the late 1800's, there weren't very many Agnostics or Atheists anywhere.

    I'll read the essay. Haven't yet.

  20. Ok, I read that article. A couple of comments. It would be ridiculous to think that the entire land would be empty considering it had a population of 500,000 in 1880.
    But most of the land was barren. Tel Aviv was built around 1910 on a sand dune.
    Secondly, regarding not considering the Arabs very well. I think everything would have been fine if not for the non indigenous Arab nations who got their backs up regarding a Jewish majority state. And they didn't give a crap about the indigenous Arabs.

  21. Pusgut and Michael's comments only try to deflect from the low quality of the videos. Fatso needs a job, a life, and a driver's licence. He is basically housebound waiting to collect the phoney back disability cheques.

  22. BEAJ:
    A little on/off topic - you may appreciate my latest post.
    Nice hat. Is that your version of a yarmulke? ;)

  23. BEAJ:

    You fail to mention the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and how England basically handed over the land to the Jews.

    Also, you somehow leap from anti-semitism in the 1800s to the nazi genocide during WWII.

    Furthermore, you seem to extol a sort of "might makes right" policy in defending Israel's right to crush surrounding Arab nations and drive Palestinians into settlements, yet deny the application of such a theory to the policies enforced by Nazis. Does their might not make right?

  24. Econ, the Balfour Declaration came and went. Don't forget, England also handed over Jordan to the Arabs.
    My point about anti-semitism is that Zionism was a perfectly normal reaction to it. And the other point was that the fears in Europe in the late 1800's were well founded, and I use the Holocaust to illustrate it.
    The Nazis forcefully tried to take over land that was already sovereign.
    They wanted to implement racial policies as well.
    It is a lot different that Jews going to a non sovereign piece of real estate.
    Not only did Israel form by proper channels. It was Britain's land to give away to the UN. But Israel won the wars....that the Arabs started.
    All sovereign land today that we see was won by might makes right or negotiation.
    But to try to take away sovereign land like the Nazis did, is wrong.