April 29, 2007

Stupid Pet Tricks By Daisy & Laugh With Pat Condell

This is very short. The cookie trick is pretty cool:

There are quite a few good Atheist comics. Pat Condell, from the UK, is probably the best. Logical and extremely witty. Here are a couple of his best Youtube videos:

You can't argue with, but you sure as heck can smile and laugh a lot with him.

Here is his newest video:

For all of his videos, and I suggest you watch them all if you liked the above two: go here.

Check out his website too.

And here is a cause he is helping to promote: The World's Greatest Lawsuit


  1. Well, the dog video is a winner because it has a dog in it. (Simple really) Border collies are smart little buggers, no doubt. I especially like the "find the cookie trick." lol

    On the other videos - The gentleman concerned is only expressing what many people have thought about religious fundamentalism for a long time. It is dangerous whichever side proposes it and whichever side tries to use it as a political tool.

    And it appears that Britain is also being flooded with the same christian fundamentalist crap (from the US - sorry about that - but it is true), that we are getting on our TVs here as well.

    Talk about pandering to the ignorant. But I suspect that is the function of TV anyway.

  2. Your dog just may be smarter than most fundamentalists.

  3. Although I don't agree with your beliefs I respect them... and you have a really cool dog :)

    Don't forget... DOG spelled backwards is GOD ;)