June 29, 2007

Canadian Mensa Member Proves Intelligence & Insanity Are Mutually Exclusive

While checking out my subscription's videos on Youtube, I checked out member akg41470's new videos. This Youtubist does a series called "Actually...," which refutes creationist nonsense videos that are posted on Youtube. Episode 13 caught my eye, because the reality denier who was being refuted claims to be a member of Mensa Canada.

Wazooloo is a dude who is approaching 40. His videos are long, but worth watching if you like watching someone making a complete fool of themselves. Also, anyone who likes psychology may enjoy this as a case study in delusion and insanity. I watched both as I was intrigued by the fact he is a Canadian "genius." I know my atheist readers will enjoy these. His whole premise is that the bible is 100% accurate and some of his insights will make you laugh out loud.

I'm wondering if Mensa Canada is a scam. I did their 10 minute workout sample test. It took me 3 or 4 minutes, and I got all 5 questions correct. Maybe it is just that I am a Super Duper Mega Genius.

These literal biblicists think that science is just like the bible. If you can find one thing that scientists were wrong about, it means all of science is wrong.

As I've state before, the internet will cause the death of Young Earth Creationism. These fools should just keep their nonsense in their own homes and places of worship, if they want to keep their flock numbers up.

Anyway, this guy is an embarrassment to Canada and Mensa.


  1. I've met some of these Mensa types and there aren't more pompous and dumber people on this planet. They only confirm my theory that "intelligence" is a nefarious and basically immeasurable concept and that IQ tests are basically a scam (like most other "psychometric" tests).

    What did dude proves once again is that the Biblical account is a ramshackle, fragile and human attempt to explain the world before most of the actual facts were known. Today literal Biblicists will try anything to retrofit the new facts to the old text and considering how flowery the biblical account is, that isn't even that hard to do.

    Then there's the conspiracy theory: "science is nothing more than an anti-theist device".

    I don't think this guy is Canadian, I think he must be English. The English have a long tradition of what I call "diligent amateurism": the guy who believes he can single-handedly beat evidence gathered by thousands of peer-reviewed experts over hundreds of years... the guy who single-handedly tries to explain that Stonehenge was an alien landing-site... the guy who single-handedly tries to build a manned spacecraft in his backyard... the list is endless. Don Quichote springs to mind. But he wasn't English...

    Shouldn't the title of this post have been; "[...] Intelligence & Insanity Aren't Mutually Exclusive" ?

  2. This guy is an embarrassment to evolution. who would have thought that monkeys could talk?

  3. I'm wondering if he got Mensa and Nambla confused.

    Ok, that wasn't very nice:)

  4. Heck, beaj, as embarrassments go, that guy seemed pretty benign...wrong, but benign. As for mensa - it's for people who need to feel smart but not necessarily for those of us who are :-)

  5. The gentleman in the video above must no absolutely nothing about physics. Should we conclude that Hubble's law, measurement of the cosmic background microwave radiation etc are part of the conspiracy to lead Bible believers to Satan? That would be strange indeed, since a Catholic priest named Georges LemaƮtre was the first to advance the Big Bang hypothesis in a serious way.

  6. D'oh! I meant to write 'know'.


  7. I agree with the earlier poster. Mensa is just an international elitist club for intellectuals. There are many local clubs, but Mensa has somehow gotten respected.

    However, if these people are really so smart, surely they can do something more productive than take IQ tests and be snobs. I'm convinced that people join Mensa not to prove to others that they're smart, but to prove it to themselves.

    Even if I were eligible (I've never taken an IQ test, so I wouldn't know whether I am or not), I wouldn't want to. I have nothing to prove.

  8. "Mensa is just an international elitist club for intellectuals."

    Intellectuals? I don't think so...

  9. This guy should have starred in The Princess Bride.

  10. Do not throw your life away, Scripture has a solid foundation, and only a dishonest person denies it. Jesus rose from the dead, and only an evil man can deny it. Repent and stop talking in this arrogant manner, as if being atheists was a reasonable and sensible thing, apologize.

  11. If you want to be honest, you'll concede that there is no contemporary evidence for Jesus outside of the bible. And the bible aint no history book.