June 18, 2007


I picture the average anti-semite as a blamer and a whiner who has a sense of inferiority.
What makes an anti-semite? Evolution is one cause, which I think has given humans an innate fear of those who are different than us. I've heard of white children actually being scared of black children when first being exposed to one at 3 or 4. This probably happens in rural communities these days.
But there are many educated people who look for anything remotely bad to do with Jews and buy into it, regardless of how flimsy the "evidence" is.
I mean it gets downright laughable when it comes to the conspiracies a Jew hater will embrace.
Do these people have terrible lives? Are they jealous of the success that Jews attain (in proportion to the non Jewish population)? I know success is a relative term, but you know what I mean. I'm sure the successful minority aspect is a huge contributing cause and a source of insecurity and inferiority in these people. They feel inadequate and mediocre at best. Bonding with other Jew haters, gives them a mission. Yes, the Jews are responsible for their shitty pathetic lives and lot in life.
The internet is full of these freaks. They contradict themselves constantly, but rarely notice it because they are too busy spreading hate. And they are completely dishonest in most cases too. Rarely will they let anyone try to rebut their insanity. I've had too many comments deleted on their blogs. I'm thinking that many are scared of me by now, and I mean it. Again, see my other blog, Judeophobe Watch for examples.

If you really want to see for yourselves how sick these individuals are, here are a few blogs to visit:

Patrick Grimm's Zionist Watch
He thinks that what is good for Jews is bad for gentiles and it is a zero sum game.
No proof though. He rambles and rambles about nonsense.

The Wisdom of Jayne Gardener She is a condescending liar. I've caught her in a few already.

Meta-research This guy is seriously screwed in the head. I mean insane.

Seriously, check out these blogs. And try to leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Update: I just wrote a piece on Judeophobe Watch called:
Anti-semites Strengthen Jewish Identity and Support For Israel


  1. I really luuurve Jayne's latest piece of shit on the Versailles Treaty. Zioooonists caused the Germans to lose WW I!

    I couldn't make up this shit if they paid me for it. This is essentially at the level of Planet X, Nibiru and reptillians.

    Jayne's also hinted the Holocaust is a gross exaggeration. It seems this kind of wacky anti-Semitism is a modern meme.

    And she tells us to open our eyes...

    And her kids are "well adjusted, productive members of society". Not unless they flew the coop as soon as possible, darling!

  2. Antisemitism, eh? Try being a gay black Jew. That's my site.
    Yet I'm not gay, black or Jewish...just a liberal atheist who likes to write satire and fight discrimination and theism.

    I think a lot of antisemitism stems from jealousy. For instance:

    "There are 13 million Jews in the world, one-fifth of 1 percent of the world's population. Yet 20 percent of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish, a staggering hundredfold surplus of renown and genius."

    --From Charles Krauthammer column

  3. I'm definitely going to check those links out later when I have more time on my hands.

    Most of the anti-Semitism I notice is boiling below the surface of cleverly hidden rants about Israel and support of the Palestinians. Claiming Hamas is somehow in the right, take a look at the following blog for instance.

  4. I hate antisemitism...even more than anti-atheist remarks. Even though I regard religion as a choice and atheism as the natural route, many see it as the opposite. Such as, you "choose" to leave "your faith". But, in any case, no one can help being born into a Jewish parent or family any more than being born into a white Xian or black Xian parent/family.

    The mentality that anything outside "the group" is bad needs to go!

  5. Beaman, I just commented on that blog.

    Jeff, long time no see. I thought your blog was out of commission. I kept going there a year or two ago and there were no updates. I'm not gay or black btw.

    Gert, remember, she doesn't hate anyone.

    It is funny how the white supremacists align themselves with the Arabs as long as the Arabs are against Israel.

    Jayne has David Duke as a link. Like he gives a rats ass about the Palis, except for the fact that they can possibly murder many Jews.

  6. The term "antisemitism" is used also to describe anyone who may be concerned with the plight of the Palestinians.

    If we take out the emotive words (at least for some people), like jew, zionist, antisemite, islam and terrorist; we can see a situation where it is people fighting over the same bit of dirt.

    Each group has strong historical, cultural or religious ties in the same region. That "the west" has spent the last 70-80 years carving it up and distributing it as protectorates between themselves (especially after 2 world wars), certainly, in my opinion, hasn't helped the situation.

    Do I have a solution? Nope.

    Do I want "the jews driven into the sea?" - Nope.

    Do I want "the palestinians nuked?" - Nope.

    A two state solution is probably the best option. Let's hope that through negotiation all parties are able to find it.

  7. Debating these people is often as useful as fighting a monkey for control of the banana.

  8. I agree with Beepx2. Those who don't see the Israel/Palestine conflict in the most black-and-white Manichean terms and point out that Israel too has some responsibility in the peace process, are often called anti-Semites or worse, it's happened to me countless times.

    See also the current boycott by some British members of academia of Israeli academics. Personally I disagree strongly with this boycott but the boycotters don't deserve to be called anti-Semites, Jew haters or even worse: Nazis... That's playing into the hands of those who claim the term "anti-Semitism" is nothing but an attempt at silencing (like Sentinel and other loonies).

  9. Gert, I view the British boycott as left wing anti-semiticism.

    If they boycott Saudi Arabia and made a statement about Darfur as well, I could forgive them for their blindness and hypocrisy, but to single out Israel is definitely an anti-semitic act, in my eyes. And anti-semitism can be subjective. But if most Jews feel an act is anti-semitic, it can be called anti-semitic.

    And when has Israel stated that they don't share responsibility in the peace process? The problem is you need a realistic partner.

  10. Gert, boycotting, for instance, Israeli academics because of their government's policies (and Israel's are far more humane than many other nations, including arab treatment of palestinians) while not issuing similar boycotts on about 100 other countries is anti-Semitism (or judeophobia). There is no other plausible explanation for the constant singling out of Israel for criticism and censure when put in context of what's going on around the world.
    As for Israel's responsibilities to be a partner for peace, at Camp David, Arafat was offered just about everything he ever wanted and walked away. Israel was a partner for peace. When Israel said it would vacate Gaza, it did. It was a partner for peace. When Israel abided by many of the roadmap conditions, it was a partner for peace.
    There is only one partner for peace in this equation so far and, if you believe, as many seem to, that Abbas is a legitimate leader and partner for peace, you, too, are kidding yourself.
    I'm not accusing you of anti-Semitism because your posts do not give indication of such. However, you do seem to believe in the concept that Israel is as responsible for the mess in the I/P scenario as the palestinians and arabs and that is simply not, nor as it ever been, the case.

  11. BEAJ,
    Off topic, but I tagged you.

  12. Gert, unfortunately I believe the boycotts in Britain are based on anti-Semitism. As Beaj said, if they call for boycotts of Iran, Sudan and Pakistan over their human rights abuses, then we can take that label away, but they only single out Israel.
    Many people are all too happy to throw labels around like anti-Semite, that is true but give credit (the bad kind) where it's due in this case.

  13. I did check out these sites and they do seem somewhat creepy. But I must say you also seem to be pretty enamored with your own genetic materials here. With your professed lack of religion doesn’t that sort of make you look like a racist? Just a thought.

  14. I don't think I'm obsessed with my ethnicity.
    I'm just fighting idiocy on the internet.
    I'm against radical Islamists, Young Earth Creationists (who try to debate evolution in the public), and Joooo obsessed internet circus freaks.

    I hardly think that makes me racist.

  15. Okay I'll take you at your word. But I'm going to be back to make you defend some of your crazy ideas. Just don't have time at the moment. Someone wants me to cut the damn grass. You should be safe on the evolution thing though.