June 25, 2007

Who Would A Canadian Atheist Jew Vote For In US Election?

I figure, why not get interested in the Presidential race since it takes up so much room on the cable news shows I watch daily, and also, since I don't watch baseball anymore, and the Sopranos are done.

I know for sure, I'm going to blog my ass off if one of the three stooges who put their hands up when asked if they didn't believe in evolution, ever become serious candidates.

So I found this site called SelectSmart.com and here is of candidates in order of those that agree most with my answers to the quiz:

Your Results:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Hillary Clinton (72%)
3. Joseph Biden (70%)
4. John Edwards (68%)
5. Dennis Kucinich (62%)
6. Al Gore (59%)
7. Alan Augustson (58%)
8. Barack Obama (55%)
9. Wesley Clark (54%)
10. Christopher Dodd (48%)
11. John McCain (48%)
12. Rudolph Giuliani (46%)
13. Mike Gravel (46%)
14. Bill Richardson (45%)
15. Mike Huckabee (44%)
16. Tommy Thompson (41%)
17. Duncan Hunter (39%)
18. Sam Brownback (39%)
19. Mitt Romney (38%)
20. Elaine Brown (34%)
21. Tom Tancredo (34%)
22. Fred Thompson (32%)
23. Chuck Hagel (31%)
24. Newt Gingrich (27%)
25. Ron Paul (27%)
26. Jim Gilmore (23%)
27. Kent McManigal (23%)

As an aside, I'm noticing the David Duke fan club is really rallying around Ron Paul. He is definitely out in my books thanks to that. I'm glad he appears close to the bottom of my list. The stooges all show up on the bottom half of my list (Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee).

I did a post once which outlines my views: Lets Pretend I'm Supreme Ruler of Canamerica


  1. Myself, I hope I refrain from judging a person based on who likes him or who doesn't like him.

  2. "As an aside, I'm noticing the David Duke fan club is really rallying around Ron Paul. He is definitely out in my books thanks to that"

    That's some overt 'guilt by association' you did there. I can understand if Ron Paul asked for his support, but there's nothing he can do if it is just given. Hitler hated communism, does that mean I should like communism?

    If you need a good reason to not support Paul, do it because he supported the 911 truth movement.

  3. There are 26 plus contenders right now. For David Duke and the rest of the white supremacists to pick Paul is very bad against Paul.
    Knowing what I know about Duke and white supremacists, I don't even have to look into Paul's platform to know I would disagree with him.
    If you look where Paul was found on my list, my theory is confirmed.
    But I do understand both your points. If this was a two or three horse race, your points would be very valid.

  4. "Knowing what I know about Duke and white supremacists, I don't even have to look into Paul's platform to know I would disagree with him."

    In other words, you're saying "Don't bother me with the facts. Knowing his supporters is an adequate substitute."

    If you want to disagree with Paul (and most likely with me, since I regard him as vastly preferable to the other candidates and would rank Hillary Clinton very low) on any substantive issue, I can deal with that. But when you evaluate a candidate on the basis of his supporters, you write yourself out of any rational debate.

  5. Gary, I understand my error. But again, David Duke has 26 plus candidates to support or not support.
    There is some validity in what I'm saying, since what Duke stands for politically is not what I stand for.

    That said, I do agree with Paul on certain issues. He seems to want a complete stance on separation of church and state even though he is admittedly morally opposed to things like gay marriage.

    But he seems very weak on his understanding of radical Islam to the point of being a Dhimmi.

    I also think that a case can be made to make many illegal aliens US citizens, but I agree that border security should be tightened against those who wish to live in the US illegally from here on in.

    I also think security should be high with respect to terrorism.

    The USA is the worlds policeman right now, and I think the world is better off in general because of it.

  6. Bacon, you called yourself a Social Conservative (didn't you?). Yet I'm centre left and score almost the same as you:

    1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
    2. Dennis Kucinich (90%) Click here for info
    3. Barack Obama (86%) Click here for info
    4. Christopher Dodd (83%) Click here for info
    5. Hillary Clinton (79%) Click here for info
    6. John Edwards (79%) Click here for info
    7. Joseph Biden (76%) Click here for info
    8. Wesley Clark (75%) Click here for info
    9. Al Gore (72%) Click here for info
    10. Bill Richardson (70%) Click here for info
    11. Alan Augustson (67%) Click here for info
    12. Mike Gravel (65%) Click here for info
    13. Ron Paul (48%) Click here for info
    14. Kent McManigal (43%) Click here for info
    15. Elaine Brown (41%) Click here for info
    16. Rudolph Giuliani (35%) Click here for info
    17. John McCain (33%) Click here for info
    18. Mitt Romney (29%) Click here for info
    19. Mike Huckabee (27%) Click here for info
    20. Chuck Hagel (25%) Click here for info
    21. Tommy Thompson (23%) Click here for info
    22. Sam Brownback (20%) Click here for info
    23. Tom Tancredo (20%) Click here for info
    24. Newt Gingrich (17%) Click here for info
    25. Fred Thompson (12%) Click here for info
    26. Duncan Hunter (12%) Click here for info
    27. Jim Gilmore (8%) Click here for info

  7. I've always said I'm a social liberal, but a conservative when it comes to protecting myself against real threats.

  8. Hillary uses the line, that her faith is what saved her marriage. While conservatives are running from religion, liberals discovered it.

  9. Biden was my second-highest too. First was Edwards, but I'd never vote for an ambulance chaser like him. My problem is that I favor a small national government and state's rights, but no one runs on that platform any more...