July 31, 2007


This is Abiogenesis For Dummies. In other words, even I understand it. What a great job Aussie James Hadfield aka Potholer54 did on this video. As Calpurnpiso, from the Raving Atheist Message Board mentioned in a video reply, 'this video should be seen in every church, synagogue and mosque just before they do the services.' Watch this video, it is fantastic:

OK, the one thing theists have been using lately is the "how did the universe start?, and how matter got started." This is not addressed in the above video, because it is a different "matter" altogether. Sorry for the pun...no I'm not.

Potholer54 only has done one other video, and it too is well done. Here, he explains how intelligent design is just plain ridiculous. It is called "God and DNA Made Easy":

Oh, and if you are curious about the big A on my sidebar, Pharyngula explains what it means.


  1. Great vids... I'll be linking to these, they deserve the widest exposure.

  2. I going to put this video on my blog, excellent.

  3. BEAJ: I see that your Digg account is still blocked. What is the news on this? If Digg haven't given you a substantive reason for this, then you've been hard done by.

  4. Excellent material...as the Terminator said, I'll be back.

    And congratulations on the Jewish Skeptic Award.





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    and I don't know if I posted properly.

  7. Oh, thank... uhm... goodness that someone posted a decent video that explains abiogenesis in a way that anyone with a basic high school chemistry and molecular biology education would understand. I'm so sick of people who haven't a clue what scientists are saying claiming that the scientists are saying [insert ridiculous thing here].

    Stealing this for my blog!