August 22, 2007

Christiane Amanpour Should Go Back To Iran And Be A Weather Girl

I watched God's Warriors, "the Jews killed Jesus and would have killed Mohammed too if they had their way" version.

I really can't believe how one sided it was.

Look, I'm no fan of land promised by God, but I've made it clear that Israel was formed legally, and it needs to exist as a Jewish majority state as long as anti-semitism is alive in the world. I have compared radical Jewish settlers to Muslims on a few occasions here on this blog. It was embarrassing to see how they behaved towards the IDF and the state last year in Amona for example.

That being said, last nights documentary was despicable. The points that got to me were the following:

There have been less than 5 acts of terrorism carried out in Israel by Jews over the last 50 years. Of course, they were all else are you going to fill 2 hours on "Jewish terrorism."

But there was not a word mentioned about how the majority of the Jewish people were disgusted by the acts or attempted acts. There was no mention that the terrorists involved were jailed by the state for crimes either. Of course, imbecile Baruch Goldstein didn't live so he was exempt from jail.

The documentary focused on how the settlements are the major obstacle to peace. The documentary inferred that Israel does not want peace.
There was no mention that the settlements were not an obstacle at all between 1948-1967. There was no mention about the Gaza withdrawal. No mention of the aftermath of that event (the bombs being lobbed into Israel almost daily).

God's Warriors gave the impression that Israel is completely about religion, yet the majority of Jews in Israel are secular. 20%-25% are atheist, and up to another 25% are agnostic. Israel happens to be a place where Jews know they can at least be treated as equals, where no one will look at your name or face and think or say "are you a Jew."

If religious Jews are such a problem, why are they not a problem all over the world?
No, just Israel, where tensions are high. Lets look at Islam. Oh, that will be tonight.

Amanpour devoted a good chunk of the documentary to Aipac. Again, many secular, agnostic, and atheist Jews in America support Israel. Aipac is not about religion. Wrong show.

Then to lie and state that the settlements upset the Muslim world. Wrong. It is the existence of Israel that upsets the Muslim world. The existence of the Muslim world upsets me, but I'm not going to blow myself up over it.

Tonight the topic is Islam. If she spends more than 2 minutes apologizing for radical Islam or spends more than a second talking to "moderate" Muslims, she and whoever was associated with the show should be fired immediately.

Last nights piece really bothers me, because anyone with very little clue about the conflict will walk away from the TV set thinking Jews are as maniacal collectively as Muslims and that Israel shouldn't exist.

One thing is for sure: Jews don't control the media.

Youtube has last nights show up in parts.

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  1. Amanpour is a bit of a hippie and it isn't altogether surprising that she'd want to seem fair by painting the radicals of all three monotheisms with the same wide brush. Appeasement & fairness is the name of her game.

    I won't lie; I don't believe in the idea that Jews are a race, per se, but I will admit that there is a culture there that is worthy of admiration and deserves its own place to flourish.

    Just another argument, though, for the abolition of religion - fewer excuses for any terrorist activity.

    Not that I think it'll end terrorism, but it'd be one less excuse.

    I'm not holding out hope, though.

  2. In all fairness, if she spends 2 hours on Jewish terrorism, she should spend 12.3 million years on Islamic terrorism.

    Jews aren't a race, but an ethnicity and it is tied in to your culture comment.

    Religion won't be abolished anytime soon. But terrorism would most likely fall by 96.2% if it ever was.

  3. I missed it...thanks for the review. If I get to see it later on YouTube (or wherever), I'll keep in mind that its mostly crap.

  4. Most isn't crap, most of the things happen. The big reasons they happen were conveniently left out. It is more just one sided cherry picked history. Which is how we get revisionist history.

  5. I haven't seen it yet. Daddy duties often interfere, plus my kids would rather watch Nickelodeon.

  6. Her reporting of PACs was highly misleading. She made it look like the Israel lobby was hugely influential, but she didn't offer comparison to other PACs. Every company and organization in the US has a PAC. Pro-Israel PACs in 2006 only contributed collectively $3mil in candidate contributions (about half and half Dem and Rep). This barely represents a tiny fraction of what the top PACs contributed last year and just a fraction of all the foreign-connected PACs . The top PAC alone contributed over $35mil last year.

  7. What amazes me about you is that you're quick to condemn others for lying, but then go and do some lying and/or distorting yourself.

    "how else are you going to fill 2 hours on "Jewish terrorism.""

    Actual playing time was about 1h30. It wasn't about "Jewish terrorism", it was mainly about the settler movement.

    "There was no mention about the Gaza withdrawal."

    Yes there was. It's in this segment.

    "Which is how we get revisionist history."

    Cheap and inaccurate use of the term "revisionist history". Which leads to valuable terms being devalued and becoming meaningless over time.

    PS: this time the banner ad above your blog was for (LOL)

  8. That was quite a small blurb on Gaza, considering the emphasis the documentary put on Jews not wanting to give up any settlements in the West Bank as part of a devious plan that was mentioned earlier in the documentary. Also no mention of Palestinian bombings into Israel that have continued to this day from Gaza.

    OK, an hour and a half. Still not the point. How much was devoted to AIPAC. What does AIPAC have to do with Jewish terrorism????

    Was the documentary about Jewish terrorism or wasn't it?

  9. "What does AIPAC have to do with Jewish terrorism????"

    I'll accept that AIPAC shouldn't have featured in a doc about the fundamentalist part of Jewish settler movement. But the doc wasn't about "Jewish terrorism" at all. It did show a few crimes committed by zealots. It wasn't about Palestinian terrorism either although that did get a mention for instance in the Baruch Goldstein context (he appeared to have been inspired by a Palestinian killing spree).

    You're paranoid with regards to how Israel is portrayed, so much so that you believe this doc was actually about Israel. It wasn't. Only a complete idiot would, after watching the film, get the impression that Israel is full of kooks. And those who would, would be the usual suspects anyway (JG and consorts).

  10. There have been less than 5 acts of terrorism carried out in Israel by Jews over the last 50 years.

    It'd be interesting to do a statistical study on per-capita rates of terrorism among Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the world today.

    The ratio would like something like this:


    I think we know who's who.

  11. "There have been less than 5 acts of terrorism carried out in Israel by Jews over the last 50 years."

    And how exactly do you define terrorism? Killing civilians to achieve political ends? Methinks then that your count is waaay low.

    If you mean "Killing civilians to achieve political ends...ummm...unless you're a government", then I guess you're right...

  12. It isn't an act of terrorism when you defend a legitimate country. And yes, Israel is a legitimate country.
    If the Arabs dropped their arms, there would be peace.

  13. beaj

    So what makes a leigtimate country? a flag? having friends on the UN security council? Why aren't the Palestinians' actions 'defending a legitimate country', (and therefore not terrorism)?

    were the pre-1948 (stern gang, irgun) zionists terrorists? why or why not?

    definitions have to be consistent to mean anything

  14. Saladin, Israel was formed as legally as every other country on this planet. There isn't one that was created where everyone was happy and almost every country was formed through war and negotiations.
    But now it is 2007 and almost every spec of land in the world is sovereign.
    The West Bank and Gaza are still up for grabs (negotiations hopefully).
    The West Bank and Gaza are not sovereign lands. And the Palestinians aren't defending anything, they are trying to destroy Israel (a sovereign country).

    Yes Irgun and Stern were terrorists, but political more than anything, not focusing on innocent individuals. Again, this sort of terrorism was common until borders were finally made almost everywhere on the planet.
    And terrorism isn't applauded by the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews, but it is by the Palestinians. Go figure.

    Read this article on the legitimacy of the settlements.

  15. I caught some of the show on Jewish night. I thought it was funny that a news piece on "religious warriors" spent so much time on the details of tax-deductible laws in the U.S.

    Look at these forms! Jews are filling these out AS WE SPEAK! The Horror!!!

  16. "five acts of terrorism".. well if you want to count.. let count the number of muslim people who have died in those "five acts of terrorism" as opposed to the total number of jews who have died throughout the war... those settlements are a big deal because they are just israelis kicking muslims out of there homes to build homes for themselves... your sick for trying to defend any of this.. so consider all the facts before making an argument and trying to sound smart!

  17. I would not agree fully.

    Who kills more ppl in isreal/palestine?

    Who invaded more and more areas in the regeion?

    who kills more human beings with missles (targetted killing)

    who had less respect for international laws

    who kills innocent children and get away with it easily

    who pounds the other country for a month with all the weapons you have and are actually innocent :)

    Dubbing the other group as terrorist is a simple solution to every problems. In fact they may just be freedom fighters who needs their freedom.

    Speaking of terrorism, muslim has been around for 1500 years. If you leave the last 50 years, no one was really under threat from muslims. They may not be the most peaceful religion but they simply may not be terrorists. Actually muslim laws were superior to any in the world for hundreds of years

  18. Just because someone has the most deaths does not make the one's who had the least killed wrong. Check out WW2 for example.

    Israel has every right to defend itself from terrorists. Freedom fighters my ass. They want to destroy Israel....they are terrorists.