August 11, 2007

Fun With Generators

I like going to The Generator Blog once in a while to see what is new. After seeing a few fellow bloggers post their South Park character and Simpson's character, I decided to do mine.

I didn't see any way to make me an adult with the South Park generator, but I didn't look too hard, and apparently there is more than one site that does it according the sidebar on The Generator Blog, but then again, I wish I was 14 again anyway. I had perfect eyesight back then, so the glasses wouldn't have been needed, oh yeah, I almost forgot, I had hair then too.


  1. Three excerpts for you from a great new book on atheism by exceptional journalist and atheist Christopher Hitchens...

    From: Billl Gates of IP bulletin board.

    PS: How are your vocal cords and your dogs and your wife?

  2. Vocal cords still won't meet. Dogs are fine, and my wife is sleeping.

    I like Hitchens though he rubs many atheists the wrong way (I don't get it).
    All religions including Islam are based on phony supernatural claims and many including Judaism and Christianity let myths grow before they were written down as facts many years after the myths supposedly took place.

  3. Beaj: I absolutely LOVED the Simpsons movie! Have you seen it yet? I tried turning myself into a Simpson but it took so long I just gave up. Sorry for the long absense. Take care.

  4. Oh, how's your dog fairing these here days?

    ...just wondering. Call me crazy if you want, I just loooooooooove canines.

  5. You wife is going to have to beat the ladies away going by your South Park character.

    I think Islam has a certain amount of myths like Christianity and Judaism as well that grew before the final records were written down. It would be fascinating for scholars to pick at the Hadith and Koran like they have done with the Bible. Some already have, notably Ibn Warraq (I recently read his book 'What the Koran really says')
    but of course it's a very dangerous business.

  6. Eitan, I want to see it. It is on my to do list.

    Beaman, my wife uses the stick on me.

    All religions are based on many myths. If they were based on reality they wouldn't be religions. Of course, you can believe that Mohammed ascended to heaven on a white donkey if you want. 1.6 billion Muslims can't be wrong about that one, can they?

    And yes, the Koran was written around 100 years A.M.

  7. Beaj: make it a priority; it's reaaaaally funny!