September 22, 2007

Anti-John Tory Ad, The Atheist Blogroll, And Blog Rush

I don't like making more than one post every two or three days on average, so I figured I'd do a 3 in 1 today.

First, I want to continue on with my worthy cause of attacking Ontario Conservative Premier candidate John Tory for his idiotic platform to expand faith school funding. I made an internet poster which is symbolic on many levels. But try not to compare it to symbolic artwork that is done at A Study of Revenge. DT's work hurts my brain when I try to analyze it:

The Blogging Tories message board cretins are having fits over my militant atheism and my in your face defense of separation of church and state. So far nobody commented on the above poster which I linked there last night. I don't think too many of them go to my links. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "faith is not wanting to know what is true."

Next up is the Atheist Blogroll. Many atheists on the roll are now making a post dedicated to listing all the blogs on the roll to perhaps enhance our Google and Yahoo search rankings. So what the heck, call me a sheep if you must:
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“Atheism Sucks” sucks

To join the Atheist blogroll, read this post, and then email Mojoey as instructed.

And finally, I recently joined up with Blog Rush. It is a way in which a blogger might be able to increase traffic. It is new, but becoming very popular. It is free and easy to install on your sidebar. Click here to find out more. I put this blog under the category of religion, even though atheism is not a religion, I want to attract those who are questioning their faith.


  1. Love your little discussion over in Tory-land, especially the moderator's intervention:

    "So far you are demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the members, the board and myself...

    We've been giving you chances... don't push buttons."

    ... OR ELSE!!! As Ali G would say: "Respek!"

    These guys don't like dissent, that much is clear... more DECORUM please (lol)!

    As regards getting rewards from Google (or any other SE) for large blogrolls, forget it. Not that long ago they would probably slightly penalize sites for excessive reciprocal linking (seen as an attempt to fool their PageRank(TM) algo), now they just ignore it.

    As regards your promotional poster, it misses the point entirely: you're trying to reduce a complex, multi-faceted issue (state funding of faith-based schools) to a practically non-existent peripheral problem: that faith-based Muslim schools will somehow lead to Muslims and their kids roaming the streets of Ontario with RPG and assorted ammo.

    One of the arguments you made against such schools was that they would be divisive, yet turn that poster into a billboard and it would be a most divisive way of putting things as you're clearly singling Muslims out. It must be hard for you to live in Canada, surrounded by "the enemy"...

  2. Gert, I couldn't believe they actually closed an active thread previously stating it went off topic.
    What is the point of forums? If someone wants to continue the discussion it should go on until the thread dies out as almost every thread on every forum does.

    The point of the poster isn't necessarily about Muslims though they are the extreme example in what segregation of schools can create. The fact that any religious group can get funded under Tory's proposal if they stick to the Ontario curriculum doesn't matter if teachers and students have ideologies that might get magnified without the mixing of ethnicities.
    If Columbia was a Muslim only school, it would be producing terrorists, guaranteed. Not that it isn't already.
    I still like the symbolisms in the poster of the adult (teacher) who seems OK with kids and bombs.

  3. Yup, sad how some of these forums are really nothing but cosy get-togethers for the like-minded, who can then toil under the impression they're "having a debate" (a "decorous" one - lol). I didn't see you say anything out of order.

    " The point of the poster isn't necessarily about Muslims though they are the extreme example in what segregation of schools can create."

    C'mon man, try and be serious. You claim (and I believe you) to be equally against Catholic, Jewish or Muslim (and other) faith schools, yet produce a poster that only features Muslim terrorists. Go figure...

    As regards Columbia, I look rather forward to hearing what Ahmadinejad has to say. Could be an interesting confrontation, seeing as the head has promised some fine grilling.

    Loved also that American kneejerk-reaction to stop him from laying a reef at ground zero. Apparently it's Sacred Ground now (lol). To Americans only one thing is really sacred: other Americans...

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