September 15, 2007

He May Look Like Norman Bates, But He Gets My Vote By Default

Yep, I have to vote McGuinty. There is no choice. No way can I vote for Tory and his imbecilic plan to fund religious private schools. Aint gonna happen.

But it is pretty cool to look at the resemblance Dalton McGuinty has with Anthony (Norman Bates) Perkins. You can try to guess who is who. The McGuinty/Norman Bates Quiz:

One more thing. Neither of them look gay.


  1. Why not vote green? They're the only party that wants one, secular, school system. And don't give me that 'strategic' voting nonsense. We can't progress if we just vote strategically.

  2. Jonny, I don't know the rest of the Green's platform. Sure, this is a big issue with me, enough to make sure Tory doesn't get it.
    But I've gone to the Green's site, and I don't see what else they are offering, or at least very much.

  3. I'll probably vote the way you are BEAJ. I'm not a big fan of the liberals but at least Dalton isn't a nut job. Terrible that these days more and more voting is based on voting for the least awful option.

    What do you think about the referendum?

  4. I think that the closer to we get to having one vote give us fair representation, the better the voting system is.

    And that is Canadian politics. Vote for the guy who you think will do the least damage to you.

  5. Clearly you're trying to expunge your guilt over voting for a green not-not-Hamas supporter (lol).

  6. I hope old Queen Liz hasn't seen 'Psycho' or she might have a heart attack.