February 8, 2008

Human Evolution And Human Ancestry Made Easy

Potholer54 keeps cranking out the good stuff. Here are back to back videos that should be flung like monkey feces at internet creationists, who pound their chest while spewing mindless rants against evolution (Oh, I'm not calling us so called "evolutionists" monkeys, but we do share a common ancestor and I'm pretty sure that our common ancestor flung poo. So flinging poo might be in our genes).

OK Fundy lurkers, try refuting the above with your little book of myths or better yet, scientific evidence to the contrary. If you still interested in learning something?, then watch the video below too:

H/T Atheist Media Blog: The blog updates quite frequently and is full of an abundance of great material.

I just wanted state something about the second video. Missing from the migration map, is new evidence, that has theorized that migration to the New World most likely wasn't only a result of man crossing the Bering Strait. It seems that after the last ice age, Clovis Man, from where France is today, may have crossed the Atlantic via canoe and iceberg bridges. A debate is going on right now pertaining to this subject, and the possibility that Clovis Man came to America first, predating the direct ancestors of the Native Indians. And there is the possibility that Bering Strait Man wiped out Clovis Man, and most likely ate most of the evidence.

Of course, the Native Indians don't like this kind of talk. Lets face it, I don't think they want to send their casino profits to France:)

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  1. Excellent as these two videos may be, facts alone won't stop the Creationist/ID people from churning out their spurious shite.