June 26, 2008

More Must See Videos From Potholer54

Maybe it is the Australian accent that gives Potholer54 an edge when it comes to sounding like an authority. It really doesn't matter though. His videos are the best when it comes to explaining evolution and the beginnings of the universe. Here is a summation of his Made Easy Series.

If you have anyone who you feel is lacking in understanding of things like evolution or how life could have started on earth without some invisible sky fairy zapping it here, send them the appropriate video by email. Here is Potholer54's entire series.

Potholer54 has started a new series called Debunking Creationist Garbage. Here is his first video:


  1. "Creation Science" is an oxymoron.

  2. Hey, been following you for a while. I posted a question and am looking for viewpoints. http://cartersviews.blogspot.com/2008/06/simple-religious-test.html

  3. Hi baconeatingatheistjew. Great name. Potholer54's accent isn't from Oz. It's a poms accent. You Canadians tone deaf or what?

  4. Anonymous means Potholer54 is British - "pom" is a colloquial term for the English only Australians use.