August 23, 2008

I Got My Text Message Today

It said "Obama-Biden" But it was early in the morning, and it looked like "Osama-Bin Laden" to me. I either need new glasses or better jokes.

But seriously, Biden looks like a great choice. He isn't a pansy when it comes to Radical Islam, he supports a two state solution in Israel, he doesn't think that the government should get involved in the abortion issue.

He is also very progressive on the science front. He is for stem cell research and he is against teaching creation is science class. He is wishy washy on the gay marriage issue.

He is a progressive Catholic, which means he is pretty much agnostic, just like the Pope:)

Biden is a much better Presidential candidate than Obama, who appears very shallow to me. But I think this combo is a cinch to win the election, especially since the front runner to be McCain's VP is the religious bigot and reality denying Mitt Romney.

The McCain ticket will only appeal to wealthy oil barons and Young Earth Creationists who are against separation of church and state. In other words, the retarded minority vote.


  1. Hee hee! Great minds! Check my post on the same topic. You have to scroll down a few, but me also likey Biden.

  2. I really don't see McCain having much of a chance, unless a serious act of terrorism were to happen before now and election time.
    And even then, he probably has no chance. He hasn't distanced himself enough from Bush and the US economy isn't great right now (and that is the biggest motivation for government change).
    I'm glad Obama picked Biden and not someone who blurs the line between church and state.

  3. I was happy to see him pick Biden, also...though it throws the whole change thing right out the window. I didn't believe any of that change rhetoric from the very beginning.

    My husband says that he wanted Biden to be the Democratic presidential nominee all along, so have to settle for him being the VP candidate.

  4. McCain has an excellent chance. Obama hasn't really been tested yet. He hasn't provided real substance, just a lot of rhetoric about being an agent of change.

    It sounds good, feels good, but it is meaningless without a plan.

  5. well, bacon One, you'd better hope yours trully doesn't get elected because as far as I remember you're Jewish, right!? And you care for Israel just a tad bit (am I wrong?). 'Bama comes to power and you'll be running for the nearest police station as thugs armed with maschettis try to de-circumsice you;)

  6. Jack, when the economy goes bad, changes usually happen in politics. It doesn't matter if the Presidential candidate is a black guy who was raised by a Muslim step father, and the election is only 7 years after 9/11.

    Eitan, most Jews vote for Democrats.
    I'm in Canada anyway so I'm not concerned about the de-circumcision police.
    When it comes to Israel, it doesn't matter who wins the election. Israel is the only country in the middle east that has Western values, and the majority of Americans understand that.

  7. Bacon:

    Where does he stand on evilution?

    a. Mouth full of nothing.
    b. Much hand-wringing
    c. Says automatically: I believe in G-d and one nation under G-d
    d. Accepts it without much ado

    "the de-circumcision police". ROTFLOL, is that what they do to [cough!] "self-loathing Jews"? Gotta remember that expression...

  8. Neither ticket "appeals" to me, and most people don't vote for a candidate as an unalloyed good. The question is which is worse. On this it's a close race.

    McCain is a follower of Bush, an enemy of free speech, and an advocate of continued war. The greatest advantage I seen in him is that we'd have a Democratic Congress and a Republican president, making it harder for anyone to push legislation through. (Not that that's done much good so far.)

    Obama is an opponent of the Second Amendment and of free trade. He would increase taxes. A Democratic president and a Democratic Congress could easily run wild with spending.

    Both candidates voted to give the telecom companies who engaged in illegal wiretapping retroactive immunity. They did this to get favors from the crook in the White House.

    So the Democrats and the Republicans offer us two rotten choices.

  9. Obama and Biden have both stated their support for Israel. Even though Obama wants to work to provide peace in the region he said "the US will always side with Israel if Israel is threatened with destruction." He also stated, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided" which most candidates have been too afraid to say. So to those who seem to think Obama is anti-Israel or anti-Jewish, he's actually come across as more pro-Israel than even McCain.

    The one I like is Palin. McCain picked a woman to appeal to the female voters but picked one who is adamantly anti-choice and anti-birth control so that will kind of negate any female support she might get. Palin's also a firm believer in teaching creationism in schools. I thought if McCain picked a good VP I might consider him on the grounds that he'd probably die in office anyway. But Palin would be a horrible president.

    Also, gert, Obama said "Intelligent design is not science. We should teach our children theology to get them to think about the meaning of life. But that's separate from how atoms or photons work." So even if he believes in God and one nation under God he still doesn't want to teach creationism in science classrooms.