September 5, 2008

Did Sarah Palin Do A Nude Scene On Family Guy?

I just can't help myself, but Sarah Palin reminds me of the white collar woman found in many porn movies who looks sort of plain until she lets her hair down and winds up doing the pizza guy or football team.
This X-rated Family Guy clip shows what I mean (I'm not sure if Family Guy was responsible for the extra part that has never made it to the TV screens or not):

Family Guy Video - Never Released to the Public - Funny blooper videos are here

But seriously, of the four Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, she is by far the most dangerous.

Sure, most politicians try to comfort the Cretards (I love that word), by mentioning that they are personally against abortion and gay marriage, and say stupid things like that USA was founded as a Christian nation, but Palin seems to also be one of the Cretards:

She actually thinks that Iraq is God's Will. Some can say that is an opinion, but she seems to have an "opinion" that resembles a member seeking Rapturist. If her opinion is that the Rapture is going to happen, what is going to stop her from trying to make it happen if McCain wins, and gets sick while in office?

She is not opposed to teaching creationism in public schools either. And she gives a disingenuous answer as to whether or not she accepts evolution:

'Asked for her personal views on evolution, Palin said, "I believe we have a creator."

She would not say whether her belief also allowed her to accept the theory of evolution as fact.

"I'm not going to pretend I know how all this came to be," she said.'

Evolution explains what happened after all this came to be. She wasn't asked what happened the second before the Big Bang.

How about this? If someone doesn't understand Biology 101, they are not qualified to push their opinion on abortion or gay marriages, onto the public.

Now for a joke I made up that is in really really bad taste:

Why did Sarah Palin CHOOSE to go through with her pregnancy once she found out that she was going to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome?:

She wanted to guarantee that at least one of her kids would grow up to be a Young Earth Creationist.


  1. I poached the Family Guy link with credit to you. Damn near spit my soda all over the keyboard.

  2. Have to agree that the joke is in a really really bad taste. Kinda sick. Why would you right something that stupid and disgusting? That's like giving atheism a bad name.

  3. Shlemazl, I think you are going overboard by saying that joke gives atheism a bad name.
    I've seen way "sicker" jokes.
    Do you remember when Peter was diagnosed as retarded on Family Guy.
    Here is a screen shot from it.

    Is there much of a difference between my joke and the joke on Family Guy?

    I'm going after creationists, not the retarded or those with Down Syndrome.

  4. The joke is in seriously bad taste but nonetheless quite funny. But it's too much of an insult to Down Syndromes to compare these to creationists, IMHO...

  5. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

    I've known lots of Down's kids who aren't creationists. Please, have some humanity for the many Down's individuals who are so incredibly far above the creationists on the intelligence scale...

  6. Basiorana, you are right. I shouldn't have put Down Children in the same league as creationists. They are way above them.

  7. Sarah believes the world is 6,000 years old. She is against choice even in the cases of rape and incest, she asks that we "respect" her daughters "decision" BUT would see that judges are appointed that would REFUSE to allow my daughter the right to "choose." She believes the war is a challenge from "God." She SAYS "God" supports her specific choice for a pipeline in Alaska.

    The woman is not STUPID she is just OUTRAGIOUSLY IGNORANT.

  8. That FG clip was something else.