April 4, 2009

Can An Atheist Not Accept Evolution?

Short Answer: YES.

Long answer: Not really.

Though there are quite a few different definitions of atheist out there, I like to keep it simple. An atheist is someone who answers NO to the question "do you believe in God?"

Most atheists I know take the question more seriously though. I go further when explaining my atheism. I see no evidence that God exists, just like I see no evidence for Leprechauns, the Tooth Fairy, or an invisible monster under my bed who does absolutely nothing. But the way I qualify my atheism isn't a requirement to be an atheist.

When it comes to evolution, many idiot theists (not to be confused with non idiot theists) think that evolution means not believing in God. Totally untrue. Almost all atheist accept evolution, but many people who accept evolution also believe in God. Evolution does mean that the New Testament cannot be literal, but most wilfully ignorant morons just won't have it that way.

But getting back to evolution and so called atheists I've run across on the internet who say they are agnostic towards evolution, in today's day and age, I have to discount these individuals as strictly emotional atheists (who haven't thought things out).

Back prior to the scientific discoveries of the 1700's and onwards, there were atheists. How they explained how life on earth changed, or even got here, must have been a doozy of a question for them. I think some of the early Greek atheists had some sort of atom theory, where atoms joined up creating life (without the evolution part). God was not needed and atoms just formed together to create man and other life forms as we see them today. Do some atheists consider this possibility today? I don't know. But if they do consider this, I guess they don't have to accept evolution 100%.

Another possibility I've heard is alien life forms either seeding the planet, or coming here and colonizing a long long time ago. Even if you buy into that theory, it still means that aliens had to evolve to get to the point of coming to earth.

Today, knowing what we know about biology and the age of the earth, it is ridiculous for an atheist to not accept evolution, yet there are still some who do....at least they claim to be atheists.