May 19, 2009

This Is Just Sad And More Seth

In the video, at least they spelled AthEIst correctly:

Isn't it maddening when cretards spew out the same stuff: The no "atheists in foxholes" garbage. The fact that some how accepting evolution and The Big Bang means that you can't believe in God. It is laughable stuff.

How many converts does God make when planes actually crash?

In the real world, we have a perfect example of how I would imagine most atheist react to close calls in the sky. None other than Seth MacFarlane. He was booked on one of the fateful flights on 9/11. Lucky for the world (I really mean that, Family Guy etc. is priceless stuff), he was a good atheist, and got drank like a heathen the night before. He woke up late with a hang over and missed the flight. His lack of faith wasn't shaken by the event. He was an atheist before, and is an atheist still: