November 7, 2009


One of the biggest angles used by Joooo paranoid anti-semitic circus freaks is the concept of "dualies," or dual citizenship where Jews are supposedly more loyal to Israel than they are to mainly to their own country (mainly used in regards to American Jews).

Here is the thing, nobody born in any country signs on the dotted line that their number one concern is to be their country of origin or their current country.

The idea of being loyal to your country ahead of all else is ridiculous. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but it doesn't happen very often with anyone.

Lets look at me for instance. I'm a Canadian, atheist, ethnic Jew, married, no kids, a dog, a cat (that really shouldn't be on this list), and I work as a consultant.

My point is that loyalties change depending on the situation. As human beings, we have evolved an innate need to survive, and usually the survival instinct isn't about the greater good, but our own selfish need to survive as individuals.

My biggest concern is myself, followed by my wife, my dog, and my extended family. My country only concerns me when it does something to affect my main concerns. I'm loyal to those who employ me, but I can be bought too (though nobody is beating the door down).

As for ethnicity, because most of my family are Jews, Israel becomes a concern for me as well. Keeping in mind that Israel exists for me as a place of final refuge if anti-semitism gets out of hand either personally or even with others who share my ethnicity anywhere on this planet. But what Canada does affects me on a day to day basis much more than what Israel does (which hardly affects me at all, except maybe emotionally).

More important to me, than my country, is the idea of separation of church and state, the treatment of atheists, and educating the world that evolution is fact, and creation has no place in science class.

Why is this so important? As humans, I think most of us evolved the idea that when we know we are right, we want others to know and understand what we are right about....this is also true when it comes to those who think they are right as well but might be wrong, and those who are wrong (creationists).

I guess the idea of loyalty really comes into play when the situation is tense. For instance, lets say that a gun man enters my home and takes a gun out and says either you take a bullet in your head, or your wife does? What would I do? This is complicated. My inclination is that I live (might have to do with me being pretty much sure there is no after life, and this is my only shot having a life), but the story would probably come out that I had a choice. Could I go on knowing that people know that I let my wife have her brains blown out so I could live? This too is evolution based. We have evolved a sense of guilt. This sense usually stops us from being the shooter, but it also leads to how we behave under pressure.

What about if I was given top secret info from the Mounties that Israel was going to be bombed by Iran tomorrow, but I was also told that Canada for whatever reason, doesn't want to warn Israel, so I can't say anything. I would in fact warn them, as I would warn the USA, Great Britain, etc. (I wouldn't warn a Muslim majority country though....just being honest).

I guess I'm loyal to Westerners not dying ahead of my country.

Note: If I was told the Israel for whatever reason was to bomb a Western country, I would warn the Western country as well.

This brings me to the Fort Hood shooting. This is sort of where the idea of dualies, and loyalties gets really muddy. This is where loyalties lie with those who follow cults that go against The Golden Rule. Islam is such a cult in my eyes.

There is not another religious ideology that allows or makes excuses for the blowing up or shooting of innocent people.

A convert or die attitude while spreading Islam around the world seems to be the Muslim thingy. Sure, not many have far, but one thing is clear, Islam is not compatible with the West (which for the most part, respects The Golden Rule).

Can we trust as Westerners trust Islam firsters? I'm having a hard time with it the more I know. It is very important that the West does not bend to Muslims anymore. And profiling when they have positions that could bring harm to others, shouldn't be out of the question either.

Sure, this was just one incident. But who would fly planes into buildings full of civilians, or praise their God while going on a shooting spree? I can't think of anyone, but Muslims.

As for the anti-semites who fail to see the distinction between Jews and Muslims, here is an interesting tidbit found regarding Hasan:

“I got the impression that he was a committed soldier,” Khan said. He spoke often with Hasan about Hasan’s desire for a wife.

On a form filled out by those seeking spouses through a program at the mosque, Hasan listed his birthplace as Arlington, Va., but his nationality as Palestinian, Khan said.

“I don’t know why he listed Palestinian,” Khan said, “He was not born in Palestine.”

You don't see Canadian or American Jews saying their nationality is Israeli or Jewish.

Muslims have a concept that there is such a thing as Muslim land or Arab land, and Israel is invading it, or stole it. Meanwhile, they have no problem "invading" Dearborn or just living on Western lands. Many Muslims have a problem with Westerners living in Muslim majority countries period. It is very hypocritical, but any culture that can accept suicide bombings of innocents isn't right in the head to begin with.