April 24, 2010

Another Fricken National Prayer Day Already

Thank Darwin, I'm a Canadian.

Seriously, I have an idea.  Give National Prayer Day one more chance.  Have everyone in the USA pray that one, just one amputee, grow his or or her limb back.  Just one.

If one person or more grows back a limb, then National Prayer Day stays, if no one grows back a limb, then National Prayer Day ceases forever more.

God has been hiding for at least 13.7 billion years.  That is long enough.  Give him one final chance to show his existence.

I'll even make it easier on God.  By May 6th, I want the fridge door to magically open up and a beer float to my computer desk.  I'll even twist the top off myself.

If you are a normal intelligent human being who thinks prayer works, watch this video: