September 5, 2010

Less Fighting With Age

I'm 49, months away from turning The Big Five 0. Anyone following this blog has noticed that my posting has become more infrequent. Part of the reason is I'm very busy building a new business, but as I'm doing this I'm finding my desire to combat the religious whackos is starting to decrease.

I think I've come to realize there is little more new that I can say. I've made my points on this blog over and over again, and the reality is that at least in Canada, I don't have religion being forced on me whatsoever. I see people coming out of churches in smaller numbers than ever before. What I'm trying to say is that people get it for the most part.

Atheist is still a dirty word, but over time, hopefully it won't be. But whether it is a dirty word or not, an atheist can be an atheist without any backlash, where I live. This might not be true of some of all towns and when it comes to the USA, some States.

I do think I've served a purpose though. I know many people land here doing Google searches and wind up at many of, what I believe to be, my relevant posts. I probably have helped quite a few people to become really skeptical about the existence of God, Jesus being more than fictional character, same with Moses and I believe I've educated many on Israel and the hypocrisy of the majority of Muslims when it comes to that topic.

I wonder if it is age that has slowed down my will to fight. It has to do with mortality. At 40 one is still fighting for the future. At 50 and beyond, I think you in the future and you know it, though at least in my case, you try to forget it.

I'm not done yet. I guess this is an apology for not posting so much.