December 5, 2010

Expect The Religious Right To Be Riled Up Over The Simpsons

I'm in the middle of my favorite time of the week, Sunday night, when I watch The Simpsons, Cleveland Show, Family Guy (not on tonight), and American Dad, finally followed up by Dexter (a show that I watch with my wife).

But man oh man, the last scene of tonight's Simpsons is something that will be talked about tomorrow from the water cooler to cable news programs.

Spoiler Alert: A human Katy Perry was in The Simpsons house. The Simpsons were Muppets for that scene. Katy was introduced as Moe's girlfriend. The last scene had Muppet Moe trying to jump up to give Katy a kiss, but gave up and decided to kiss her bellybutton instead, except he was kissing too low. Katy said "that is not my bellybutton...I didn't tell you to stop."

Yeah, really, this is what happened.

Did a quick search and found it on Youtube (it probably won't last very long so don't be disappointed if it says video removed):

Anyway, I expect the Religious Right to go berserk over this. Should be a fun day tomorrow.