May 13, 2012

Obama's Gay Marriage Stance May Cost Him, And That Is Pathetic

I find it pathetic, that by admitting that he personally supports gay marriage, Barack Obama may have actually cost himself the next election.

Well I guess he could have admitted worse, that he was agnostic or an atheist.  He has made it tough on the people who insist he is a Muslim though.

It is a disgusting mindset to worry oneself to death about a couple of guys or a couple of women getting married.

First off, gays have the right to be as miserable as married straight guys like me.  Kidding aside, gays deserve every legal right as a human being as everyone else.  It is only common sense.

Secondly, no matter how much certain people need to believe it, homosexuality is not a choice 95%+ of the time.  Scientific research has put the choice thingy to rest.  Homosexuality is instilled in certain fetuses due to a combination of genes and womb environmental factors. 

And then there is the bible, which condones polygamy and slavery, but has a bad couple of words about guys lying next to each other.  It is completely hypocritical of the apologists who dismiss slavery and polygamy as being a sign of the times, but refuse to dismiss that God might have just only hated gays when the fictional Zombie Jesus and fictional Moses were gallivanting around.

Finally, there is the whine about traditional marriage.  I did some research, and the best I can tell is that marriage was invented by the ancient Egyptians as a way to keep wealth within the family, so brothers married sisters, and fathers married daughters, etc. 

Marriage in the bible then "evolved" when men bought women from families in order to experience wedding bliss. 

So that is traditional marriage.  Of course, the Mormon idea of traditional marriage is having more than one wife.  Lets see Romney have the guts to be true to his religion and publicly endorse polygamy.

Actually, those who are intolerant of gays really should endorse gay marriage.  I had a math teacher back in high school back around 1979, Mr. Minty.  He did a 10 minute "monologue" during home room time prior to class that almost never had to do with math.  He definitely taught me to think out of the box.

His theory regarding homosexuality was that the more it was not publicly accepted, the more likely the next generations would have more gays in the population as homosexuals would be prone to marrying the opposite sex and having kids.   Of course, his theory was based on the gay gene, which I believe has quite a lot of scientific support going for it.

The opposite would be true too.  Take the ancient Greek society for instance.  When homosexuality is accepted, gays tend to stay out of the future gene pool.

So come on Religious Right.  Think of the future.  Support gay marriage.