August 8, 2014

What The Hell Is Wrong With Some Of You

The Israel Gaza conflict sure has me spending a lot more time on Twitter than ever before.  Very disillusioned  about the amount of atheists that I've had to either stop following or blocking because of their absolutely nonsensical hypocritical attitude towards Israel.

Sick of reading what Israel shouldn't do when it comes to civilian deaths.  Ask one of these Moonbats what Israel should do, and you get either a smart ass answer, shrugs or crickets chirping.  This proves that atheists do not necessarily have to be critical thinkers.  I've lost complete respect for PZ Myers, for example.  His use of terms like apartheid and genocide show he is a misinformed rhetorical assmonkey.  And now cognitive dissonance has put him over the edge, he will forever be anti-Israel in order to fool himself into believing he is a sane rational individual.

Thankfully, there are many atheists who get it, in fact, the majority do.  I would hate to live in a world full of atheist Moonbats.

I think anyone with an ounce of humanity hates to see children, women and other innocents dying because they are victims of being under control of genocidal terrorists (read the Hamas charter) who use them as human shields.  But Israel is a sovereign country. Yeah, its birth wasn't perfect to say the least, but neither was any countries birth on this planet today.  Israel has a right to defend itself when getting bombed.  What are they supposed to do?  Let the bombs come in, hope the Iron Dome intercepts them or that the bombs do little damage if not intercepted?  Is that reasonable to ask of Israel or any country?

As for disproportional response.  In a war, this has to be the stupidest concept out there.  You don't play for a tie.  The object is to win the war.  In Israel's case, it is to get Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel.  I'm not advocating Israel carpet bomb Gaza, but use enough force to end the conflict.  This doesn't mean firing a home made rocket for each home made rocket Hamas fires into Israel.

Lets put things another way.  ISIS is cornering various ethnicities right now giving them the option to convert or die.  The USA isn't being threatened, but humanity is.  If disproportional response is to be adhered to, the USA should do nothing.  Is that what Moonbats really believe in this case?  I guess proportionate response would be to capture ISIS members and give them the option of converting to Christianity or get their head chopped off.  Again, it such a stupid concept, yet Moonbats, Jihadists, and Jew haters expect it from Israel.

Countering some propaganda

Hamas has no choice but to fire from civilian territories.  Sorry, but there is plenty of rural area that Hamas could wage war from.  Problem is that Israel would easily be able to take them out, and Hamas would have a difficult time gaining Western sympathy if children don't die:

Propaganda maps that many Moonbats seem to fall for based on the faulty premise that Palestine was Arab land prior to 1948.  Fact is that Arabs owned around 21% (close to 80% of that number was owned by absentee Arab land owners.  Jews owned 7-8%, and the bulk of the land was state land.  The fact that Palestine was not sovereign means that land was in control of the British at the time of the Partition Plan.  Not Arab land by default!

One more thing.  When it comes to the Zionist Expansion canard.  If you believe that, and this map doesn't make you feel silly, you might need psychiatric help: