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July 1, 2009

Banning The Burqa?

I'm somewhat torn about the banning of the burqa movement that is happening in Europe right now.

I'm for freedom of religion. If some whackjob wants to dress like Jesus and drag a cross around in his backyard, more power to him. It would even be entertaining to see him drag the cross down a public street.

And what about banning the kippah or a priest's outfit? There is a fine line. Granted, the burqa represents an attack against women's rights and it glorifies a sub culture that basically treats women as secondary citizens. The kippah represents faith in a very angry (at times) God who also didn't really give women equal status. That being said, Jews are not a threat to Western ideals. Priests are not a threat to the West either...just the Catholic children of the West, but that is another story.

I'm no fan of Islam because of the way it spreads, and the demands Muslims make once it spreads. So lets cut the crap. This banning talk isn't really about women's rights, it is about bitch slapping Western Muslims who want to infest the modern world with their bullshit (ie Shariah Law), and their spreading of intolerant ideas (oh wait, that is what Fundy Christians do too, but Fundy Christians don't fly into buildings).

Anyway, Pat Condell chimes in on the subject, and let me just say, I have to agree with almost everything he says:

I love the idea of making Muslim men wearing burqas on 100 degree Fahrenheit days. Just keep them away from airports and subways on those days.

I also think, what bothers me most about Muslims is their hypocrisy regarding Israel.
The good majority view the Jews in Israel as people who shouldn't be there. It is OK for Muslims to go to the West, and even turn Dearborn, Michigan into a Muslim majority, but for some reason, Jews coming to a non sovereign land that is now Israel and having a Jewish majority, is a no-no and totally unacceptable.