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March 14, 2010

I Found A Home: The Landover Baptist Forum

Finally, a place where I can let it all hang out and feel completely welcome. My name over at the Landover Baptist Forum is Brother Baconeater.

I started off by letting everyone know my views about evilution by posting the popular Youtube video I made on the subject three years ago:

I was then asked to put something up about myself in the intro section, as well as my favorite bible quote, so of course, I complied:

Hello All
My name is Brother Baconeater. I'm a bit confused, that is why I don't belong to any church right now.
I live in atheist Canada, and everyone knows it isn't a cool thing to let people know how much you love the Lord, so bonding with other strong believers like me has been pretty hard right from childhood all the way to where I am right now, pushing 50.
I know, I know, I shoulda moved to Georgia or Texas where I would be accepted, but I never had the nerve to.
The real reason I'm confused is that I like both the Christian God, and Jesus of course, but I like the Jewish God a lot too. That guy knew how to deal with people who pissed him off.
I like the Christian God because you need to believe in Him to get into heaven for ever and ever, but the turn the other cheek stuff just doesn't make sense.
I'm not crazy about the Jewish God though because he seems to be wishy washy about evilution. The Christian God has no doubt that evilution is false which it it.
Oh, and the Muslim God? Forget it. He tells people to blow themselves up in front of children for no good reason. At least the Jewish God had a reason to kill kids.
"Take your son, your only son – yes, Isaac, whom you love so much – and go to the land of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will point out to you." Genesis 22:1-18

I was then asked how many children I have sired. My reply:

I haven't sired any kids. I saved myself for marriage. Got married at 32. The evilutionist doctor gave me all kinds of gibberish reasons why nobody was getting pregnant but I know the real reason why. My sperm died of old age.
I shouldn't have waited so long, but masturbation is a sin, so I was stuck between a rock and hard place.

The acceptance has been overwhelming so far. I even had the nerve to start a thread with a question I've always had:

Is There TV In Heaven
I'm worried about being bored for at least part of eternity. I hope TV is there and we get all the channels, of course with a VChip.
I wonder if it will be just a bunch of reruns or we'll get new series too.

I got a bunch of replies so far. One spurred my inquisitive mind to click on. Pastor Ezekiel wrote: "I hear that He has a non-stop barbecue going, with all the grilled steaks and chops you care to eat, and the most Heavenly beer you can imagine, served in chilled mugs, with bowls of cashew nuts."

This caused me to ask another question (I hope they don't think I'm some sort of pest):

This is another thing I wonder about. I love bacon, hence my name. I know it is a fact that animals don't go to heaven, though I'm not sure where they go, so how can there be steaks and bacon in heaven? Especially fresh meat.
It is heaven, I'd expect my meat to be fresh.
I know that if I went to church regularly I would know the answer, but as I mentioned in my intro, I live in atheist Canada, so it is almost impossible to find a church that is even half free of The Devil's influence.

So far, I love The Landover Baptist Church. I think there are some real Christians there too, but you know the way The Devil works, sometimes it is hard to tell.

Check out the Landover Baptist Map of the World:

June 5, 2009

Troubling: Atheist Blogosphere Silent About Obama's Egypt Speech

I cringed at times listening to Barack Obama's speech yesterday. I'm sure many atheists did the same. Besides quoting/misquoting the Koran, Obama completely alienated atheists:

“Indeed, faith should bring us together. That is why we are forging service projects in America that bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews.”

I did a blog search on Google and I found only a few atheists that seemed bothered about the speech.

Clemens' Blog is the only one I've read who tells it like it is in his post Obama's Sermon.

Lets look at other things that Obama said in the speech:

“And I believe that America holds within her the truth that regardless of race, religion, or station in life, all of us share common aspirations - to live in peace and security; to get an education and to work with dignity; to love our families, our communities, and our God. These things we share. This is the hope of all humanity.”

Who's God is our God? Obama is saying ALL Americans aspire to love our God. Thanks Obama, for throwing atheists under the bus.

But what is troubling is that the atheist internet community has either turned a blind eye or has put their collective heads in the sand on this speech.

Why is that? Is it that Obama, being so different than Bush in his Liberalism, and his perceived pacifier status when it comes to war and conflict, gets a free pass from atheists?, or is it that the atheist community perceives Muslims collectively as a bunch of 7 year old children, who need to be completely sucked up to if it means possible reformation and peace?

I do know that if George Bush made the exact same speech as Obama yesterday, the atheist blogosphere would have been posting about it in an enraged flurry, because the second possibility wouldn't be an option, and Bush would have been looked upon just as a religious zealot talking to other religious nuts.

Of course, Obama also completely portrayed Islam and history in a very distorted and unrealistic way, and gave Islam credit where none was due. But that is just politics.

If Obama made this speech domestically prior to the election, I wonder if he would have lost atheist votes. I hope so, but I just don't know.

I'm very disappointed in my atheist brothers and sisters right now for holding back criticism of Obama. I'm also accusing the atheist community of double standards here. Had he made this type of speech at a church, he would have been slaughtered by fellow bloggers.

Don't get me wrong, I still think Obama is going in the right direction (at least the direction he is going is worth a shot), but he could have included non believers, and he should be called out for not doing so.

February 27, 2009

Lou Dobbs Has A Great Idea: Bulldoze UN Buildings

The UN has simply become a farce. A dangerous farce though because what they say still matters in some places. They might as well change their name to the Muslim Asslickers Association of the World.
Bad enough to focus their attention on Israel while basically turning a blind eye to other far more catastrophic conflicts on this planet that involve Muslims and no Jews, but now they are out to appease Islam in a huge way by trying to make it so that criticizing religion will be a criminal offense:

H/T Answers In Genesis Busted

Those of us on the Atheist Blogroll would all get charged if the UN has its way. Imagine not being able to question if Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, or the Invisible Sky Fairy existed?

Muslims collectively are collectively the biggest hypocrites on this planet. Double standards galore.

Their religion does not follow the Golden Rule, a rule that is innate in human beings and other social animals for that matter. So this UN ruling pretty much wants to stifle anyone from criticizing the thought process that goes in when an "honour" killing takes place? Screw the UN!

And the repercussions might even be felt in Western science classes too. Some Fundamentalist Christians can use the laws so that evolution taught in schools could be a direct criticism of their brand of Christianity.

I'm all for free speech. As long as the intent is not to incite death or criminal behaviour. Islam is not. It will still be OK to chant Death To America, just don't say Death to Jews or Christians.....unless you live in a Muslim state where you can say all three.

Might as well post my Mohammed Bear video again before the UN bans the video and puts me in jail: