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June 27, 2009

Earth Is Designed For Life?

I wonder if Edward Current actually makes creationists think. Thinking isn't something required in order to be a creationist, but since us humans have such well developed brains, sometimes creationists may not be able to help themselves:

HT Atheist Media Blog

It will be interesting in the future if when life is discovered on another "life hospitable planet" to see what creationists have to say about that.

Some questions to ponder though.

Is it scientifically possible to ever discover civilized life on another planet?

Do other civilizations on other planets believe in a higher power? Is it a part of the natural evolution process for anyone who develops the man like intelligence to buy into the supernatural early in the process (you know, like how early man was pretty much forced into believing supernatural explanations when it came to lightning for example).

And another question comes to mind: Will human evolution finally do away with the part of our brain that looks for and accepts supernatural explanations (I also include superstitious things like wearing a lucky shirt that even many of us atheists have in one way or another)?

March 8, 2009

If God Suddenly Disappeared...... sure as heck would explain the Holocaust.

I know the following Edward Current video has made its rounds, posted on many atheist blogs. But I think it is important to for as many people (especially believers) to see in as many places as humanly possible. And besides, I have writer's block again:

What the heck, I'll add this stupid quiz that I found on LFG's Link Viewer site:

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?
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