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November 21, 2009

Buckingham Palace Will Become A Mosque

And the Queen will have a choice, become Muslim or leave (maybe die, but I guess they interviewed a moderate Muslim):

These people are bat shit crazy. But they are a dangerous kind of crazy.

I just needed to post the video.

Can you imagine Jews saying that Buckingham Palace will become a synagogue? Of course not. Jews don't proselytize for one thing. There is no goal for Jews to be a majority except out of necessity in Israel right now.

Besides, according to Jew haters, Jews only need to be around 1% of the population to control everything from government policy to the weather.

Another interesting tidbit I came across. Did you know that since the creation of Israel in 1948 over 11 million Muslims have died violent deaths. And over 35,000 deaths happened in and around the disputed territories in Israel. Only around 10 million of those Muslim deaths were at the hand of other Muslims.

All the Jooo paranoid imbeciles who like to blame radical Islam on Israel really need to read more.