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February 17, 2011

Helen Thomas Is A Typical Hypocritical Paliphile

Hypocrites like Helen Thomas getting a platform really bugs me. She was just interviewed by Joy Behar, and unfortunately Behar wasn't equipped enough to put her right in her place.

Thomas was asked if she had regrets after making comments that Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany and the US. She obviously has none. She also lied about Jews being persecuted after WW2. Poland took many homes and businesses of Jews after the war ended, and many Jews were murdered after the war. Lately we've seen persecution (usually where Muslims have started to show up) in countries like France.

Another thing she did was usurp the term anti-semite when asked if she was one. Behar should have said OK I get it, you don't know that term only pertains to Jews (the term was coined around 1880 in Europe and has nothing to do with Arabs), Helen, you old shriveled up piece of crap, do you hate Jews? I wonder what her answer would have been.

But the big thing, and I've touched on this before, regardless of who used to be the majority in Israel, demographics change everywhere. Lots of times by war. There isn't a country out there that hasn't had its border historically changed without war or negotiations.

The reality of Israel is that it was mostly barren, swampy or arid land that was mostly unpopulated, and mostly unowned and this goes back to the late 1800's when the Zionist movement got some legs, because of increased anti-semitism (Jew hating for you Arabs and/or Paliphiles who want to reinvent the word's definition) in Europe.

There were only half a million people living there, where 9 million people live today. Lots of space to claim your own, lots of room for people to come and possibly start up a community and even country (the fact that the land was not sovereign is huge and often sloughed aside by Paliphiles as not being important). There were even German settlements there by the late 1800's. And it is a fact that most of the land had no owners.

Jews started migrating there, creating jobs, and Arabs started migrating there to try to keep pace with the Jews and many looking for jobs. Again, this is fact.

The ones upset over this wasn't the locals so much but the surrounding Arab nations. How dare the Jews come to Muslim lands. Even though Jews have had a presence in the land for over 2500 years (I believe Judaism was created around 500 BC, but that is another story).

Today, over 65% of all Israeli Jews were born in Israel. When you are born in a country, that is your home. Your home is not where your parents may have come from.

Lets look at Helen Thomas. Her parents were born in Lebanon (Tripoli). They came to America for a better life. In fact, there are oodles of people of Lebanese descent all over the West today, much more than the 5 million Jews in Israel. And Arabs have taken over pockets, like Dearborn which is now an Arab majority. Would Thomas think it is fair for those of Arab descent to go home to the Muslim cesspool from which their ancestors came?
There are millions of people of Lebanese descent in Brazil alone. Should they all go back too?

It is this attitude that has given the Palestinians fits over the years. The lack of acceptance of the Jews in Israel. The camps exist because of wars started by the Arabs.

As for claims of Arabs losing land to Jews. Again, Israel is not a perfect nation, but after 1948, very little OWNED land was taken by Israel.

Yes, I believe the settlements are a mistake, but it is hard to go back in time.

All I know is people who support what Thomas says should take a long look in the mirror, and if that person is of Arab descent in a Western nation, throw some cold water on your face and try using your brain and THINK.

I hope that there is peace soon in Israel. I can only envision a three state solution, Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel. The biggest Jewish settlements are going to have to remain but Israel will have to trade land and possibly cash to the Palestinians.

I believe there is true possibility for peace. The Palestinians need to accept Israel and have to realize that Jihadists are the reason for their despair, not the Jews in Israel.

June 8, 2010

Helen Thomas and Whoopi Goldberg: Hypocrisy and Ignorance

I'm not into beating up on 89 year old women, but Helen Thomas' comments have no age barrier, they are shared by a vast amount of hypocritical people (many of whom are Muslims).

In case you live under a rock and only visit atheist blog sites, here is what Helen Thomas said:

I find it mind numbing when Muslims or Arabs in the West state that Jews should go home.

Here is the hypocrisy in a nutshell: There are over 8 million people of Lebanese descent living in Brazil alone today. Why is it OK for Arabs to migrate to the West, but prior to 1948, it was wrong for Jews to migrate to a non sovereign land that was 75% swamp and/or desert, to add to an already Jewish presence there and to escape anti-semitism?

Whether it is Brazil or Dearborn, Michigan, when Arabs show up in droves, the life on the indigenous people are affected, the culture changes. But this escapes many Muslims and Arabs, because to them, it is OK for Muslims to go to Western lands and take over pocket by pocket, but it is a crime for anyone, especially Jews, to live and govern on "Muslim" land.

Demographics change everywhere, Dearborn, Brazil, Israel, etc. It seems it is OK as long as it doesn't involve Jews.

One more point. Over 65% of Jews in Israel today were born in Israel. No matter how you slice it, whether you are completely against immigrants or not, these Jews are home, they aren't from Poland or Germany.

Now for Whoopi. Yesterday on The View, she was sort of defending Helen Thomas' comments. But the stupidest thing she said was, "For many years, there were not Jews in Israel."

It was disappointing to me to see that Joy Behar actually nodded when she made that ignorant point, because I know Behar gets it most of the time.

However, it does illustrate how misinformed many people are about the history of Israel. Jews have always been present, though at times, the numbers were tiny (but so was the total population there).

When people believe that, I can see how they can lean to the Palestinian side in many cases. It would be the same argument as the white man coming to America and taking over the land from the Native Indians (who took the land over from the European Clovis, but that is another story).

But reality is that in 1880 there were approximately 450,000 people living in the region, 20,000 were Jewish. Less than half a million people living in a land that now has 5 million Jews and 4 million Arabs (including the West Bank and Gaza).

In other words, it is equal to a small city turning into a big city, where the people who migrated there were majority Jewish (but not by much, as many Arabs also migrated there once Jews established a good job market). The land was not sovereign until 1948. And to put things into total perspective, the people who were mostly affected by the original conflict in 1948 today are either dead or in their 80's.

Lastly, I received an excellent comment on my last blog piece. It is worth putting in print, because it is from someone from the Far Left who gets it:

the_last_name_left · 16 hours ago
I feel like the only leftie who sees this "humanitarian activism" as the provocation it so obviously is. Everyone is being played - and they've fallen for it.

It's quite astonishing to me see the extent of (left) anti-semitism - I have never been so aware of its scope, depth and threat before. It's really disturbing.

Every time it's "Israel attacked the boat"......and the ferocious beatings with metal bars of the soldiers was "self-defense". Yet intercepting shipping - to ensure it isn't rearming Hamas - is not legitimate self-defense. Nor is retaliation against Hamas provocation of firing rockets at Israeli civilians - war crimes according to the Goldstone report (which people only know accuses Israel of war crimes).

Under such circumstances Israel has no right of self-defense -- and anything Hamas does is always self-defense and justifiable by some historic slight, real or imagined. There is no balance - there's a massive Israeli/jewish exceptionalism - prejudice.

The (only) problem boat of the flotilla had passengers including children and elderly folk - and they took it upon themselves to disregard many warnings from the IDF whom had promised to deliver the aid, so long as it passed inspection at Ashdod. But the flotilla's priority was not attempting to deliver the aid - because the flotilla decided to ignore IDF entreaty to submit, and attempt to break the blockade - despite repeated warnings from the IDF that the ship would be placing itself - including the children and the elderly - at risk. This is the responsibility of the ship's crew - whatever the legal technicalities or the history or whatever. You listen to people with guns - especially when you have children on board - and especially when you are "peaceful humanitarians". It's utter bullshit to claim they weren't obliged to stop, on some technical argument about legality or otherwise of the blockade etc. especially when Israel had promised to deliver the aid - which amounted to one day's worth of the aid which Israel already expedites to Gaza.

A very similar event happened during the Sri Lankan/Tamil war in 2009 - except a french aid ship was boarded and prevented reaching port to deliver aid to Tamils. The Sri Lankans were far more obstructive over aid for the Tamils than the Israelis have been over this flotilla - and yet where was the worldwide condemnation? There was absolute silence - who is even aware it happened? Where were the cries that Sri Lankans were Nazis? NOWHERE.

Similarly we have the hypocrisy of Erdogan supported by the useful idiots everywhere, apparently completely ignorant of Turkey's attacks on the very similar circumstances to Israel/Palestine conflict. But again - met with near absolute SILENCE.

hundred of thousands of Tamils were held in detention camps - surrounded by barbed wire - a real prison. But silence.

On the plight of Gaza and its poverty - we need be careful to distinguish the extent of poverty and suffering which is directly attributable to Israel. One way to assess that is to compare Gaza with other states whom Israel has no effect upon - for example, Yemen.

According to UN/NGO statistics, “More than 10 percent of children in Gaza are chronically malnourished,” said WHO officer Mahmoud Daher in Gaza, reporting a slight increase over 2008." Dreadful, right? But what about Yemen? "A 2006 report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Yemen had very high levels of food insecurity and that more than ****one third of its population was chronically undernourished****."

Why is every failure of Gaza and Hamas Israel's fault? Anyone can accept a degree of Israeli responsibility, surely - but the simple blind acceptance of complete Israeli responsibility at every turn - whilst the Nazi-sympathizing Protocols of Zion-publishing Hamas get a free pass, every turn. It's myopic, outrageous and dangerous. I'm appalled - especially by the supposed left. I expect it from the lunatics, but from almost the entire gamut of the left? Wow. Shocking.