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April 2, 2011

Burning The Koran Leads To Murders

A Koran is burned in Florida, and 9 are dead in Afghanistan because of it, reportedly two were beheaded.

The nutty pastor Terry Jones is right about one thing, there are passages in the Koran that lead its literal followers to violence.

So Terry is kind of right to feel that way about the Koran.

Isn't it something that he burns it because he feels the Koran is evil, and leads to evil and then the reaction of some of the Koran's followers turns out to be pure evil based on the writings of the Koran.

The biggest problem is that this type of reaction is expected. It makes me wonder why we are trying to help people in any Muslim majority country. Islam is by far the most dangerous religion on this planet today and unless the West is out to give them a secular education, it is a waste of time taking their oppressive leaders out.

Another thing, what would the world wide reaction of Jews be if the fairy tale Old Testament was burned in a similar manner? You might hear some say "What a schmuck," but other than that...nothing.

Even if the fairy tale New Testament was burned, there would no deaths resulting from it.

As for Terry Jones, he hates homosexuals too. I'll bet if you took his beliefs and what he wants society to look like, it wouldn't be much different than what Muslim kooks want either. Kooks are kooks.