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June 28, 2011

Atheists For Michele Bachmann 2012

Is it possible that an atheist can support Michele Bachmann's run for President? Uh, I guess. Since all that is required to be an atheist is to have no belief in God, or to answer the question "do you believe in God" with a "no."

An atheist is free to be a homophobe. Free to hate blacks so much that they will vote for anyone but Obama. Heck, an atheist doesn't even have to have an opinion about evolution. For instance, they can believe in intelligent design. You know, a super intelligent one celled being may have come to earth from another galaxy and created man as man less than 10,000 years ago.

Generally though, atheists support gay equality, don't care about the President's skin color (only their religious beliefs), and laugh at intelligent design.

I as a Canadian can see what is going on. There are some leading atheist blogs out there like Pharyngula who are writing pieces about Bachmann being an actual threat. Don't believe it for a second.

This is just a ploy to trick the GOP Party in making the Dingbat their Presidential Candidate.

Barack Obama would love to go head to head with Bachmann. It would be the biggest cakewalk in the history of Presidential races.

I feel kind of guilty I let the cat out of the bag now. So after this post, I won't mention what is really happening with the conspiracy in the atheist community right now. Mum's the word from now on.

But please feel free to use the Atheists For Bachmann 2012 button if you feel the desire to do so. But then again, it might help the GOP hone in on a candidate with more of a shot. Those bible literalists might back away from Bachmann if they even thought for a second that she has atheist support.

Now for something very related. Check out Ronald Reagan Jr (atheist) mock Bachmann. Great points throughout this Hardball segment: