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June 20, 2011

Miss America 2011: Beauty And Brains

Those who wrote the questions for the Miss America contest are very cruel. To ask these girls from all over the USA if evolution should be taught in school was something a sadist had to come up with.

This reminds of why homosexuals invented high heel shoes for women (it is to make more women more angry more often, angry enough that they may turn a few men off women altogether to the point that these men might experiment with men)....ok just kidding.....maybe.

The following is the short version of the answers to the evolution question, it might be painful to watch, but there are a couple of bright spots:

Allysa Campanella, Miss California, born in Joisey, won the competition. She was the science Geek in the Youtube video.

I thought evolution is taught in American schools. But I guess that science isn't mandatory past grade 3??????

Another tragedy is that bright women like Miss California and Miss Virginia aren't running for office in the USA, instead we have to view mind numbing imbeciles like Bachmann and Palin (Miss Kentucky must love em both).