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September 25, 2010

Skeptics Who Try To Refute The Supernatural In The Bibles Crack Me Up

The only time that supernatural events ever occurred on this planet supposedly only happened during biblical times, oh and before biblical times, just over 6,000 LOL years ago.

Anyone who has turned water into wine since then has been an obvious fake or magician just playing games with our senses.

Now of course, anyone who has read my blog regularly knows that I don't believe that much of anything written in the Old Testament or New Testament ever happened. The closest either bible comes to reality are the events outlined just prior to the OT being written (around 500 BC or so).

There is absolutely no contemporary evidence which remotely verifies a historical Jesus, a historical Abraham, and a historical Moses.

That is why I just laugh when I read stories about people who think they know how Jesus walked on water without it being a supernatural occurrence.

I just read an article speculating on how the Sea parted for Moses.

I believe it has something to do with early brainwashing most of us are exposed to. We actually assume the bible stories to be based on a majority of facts.

This is completely the farthest thing from the truth. If anything the bible stories are based on a minority of facts, and I'm being kind.

This brainwashing creates a different type of skeptic. Someone who is doubtful of supernatural events, yet "smart" enough to figure out how it really LOL happened using physical laws.

OK, I'm not trying to be condescending here. The first forty years of my life I assumed there was a historical Jesus and a historical Moses. But it only takes a teeny amount of research to find there is no credible contemporary evidence, and the only logical conclusion is that Jesus and Moses and their stories were complete fabrications. Unless you take the willfully ignorant route that is, which the majority of people do.

To me, figuring out how Moses got the Sea to part is exactly the same as trying to figure out how the Cat spoke in The Cat In The Hat.