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April 15, 2009

Crackpot Youtube Creationist Kills Himself And Another

Most Youtube atheists are probably familiar with Tony48219 whose real name is Anthony Powell. He used to rant and rave against atheists and evolution from his now deleted Youtube account.
Well, he always seemed crazy, and it turns out he wasn't acting. He did the unthinkable on Friday, and murdered a fellow acting shop student (Asia McGowan, a 20 year old talented and beautiful girl who Tony most likely had a failed crush on).

H/T The Atheist Blogger

The guy was clearly angry in his videos, and delusional. For example, VenomFangX is probably the easiest creationist to refute on Youtube and yet Tony denies that atheists disproved anything he spewed, which is total nonsense). VenonFangX, for those who don't know, disables ratings on his videos, and doesn't allow comments that easily refute his bull crap either.

No one is blaming his form of Christianity for the murder, or the fact that he liked VenomFangX or the fact that he denied evolution. No that isn't it. The guy was a whacko. But his craziness is probably why he liked VenomFangX and why he denied evolution so readily.

As far as I can tell, this murder suicide had nothing to do with his hatred of atheists, but rather his own psychological problems, nothing more and nothing less.

BTW, here is The Amazing Atheist refuting VenomFangX on evolution and the Big Bang, etc. Ok, I know The Amazing Atheist does appear like a Tony type at the beginning of his video, but when he gets down to the nitty gritty, he pretty much rationally destroys everything VenomFangX says.

February 6, 2009

More Atheist Nonsense: The Planting Of Transitional Whale Fossils

It is getting more and more painfully obvious that devious atheists continue to plant fossils all over God's good earth in an attempt to get more converts to religion of atheism.

Regular fossils weren't good enough because intelligent creationists started to notice that there were no missing links or transitional fossils. This fact was causing the atheist recruiting movement to lose steam, so what did the pesky atheists do? They started to plant transitional fossils in places where they predicted they would find them. And then a fantasy story is attached to the finding. Take the recent fossil find that "proved" that early whales gave birth on land.

It is amazing that atheists buy these fairy tales but laugh at the idea of a person rising from the dead and ascending to heaven.

Ok, that is enough of my Edward Current impression for today.

Now that I might have the attention of both creationists and realists, here is an excellent video which asks creationists to think and do some 'splaining:

Apparently the above video was flagged by Youtube creationists.

I always liked the argument that if evolution were false, how come a creationist scientist hasn't come up with a way to interpret the fossil data or even come up with any evidence that contradicts evolution. That scientist would be more famous than Jesus. What is holding back the creationist intelligencia?

Still interested in whale evolution? Check out my post from last year; A Whale of a Tale.

See also, Maiacetus, the good mother whale