November 29, 2005


I'm starting to notice that many people think I am overly arrogant and relentless in my assault on religion and my "belief" in a Godless universe.
This is creating three types of results from the god fearing.
First off, there are those who respect the fact I am voicing my opinion. Personally, I think they think it is cool to be friends with an Atheist:), and some are staunch believers in Free Speech as well. Ed. Note: This group also includes the rational believers who can understand and/or even see my point of view.
The second type are the evil believers. These are the God fearing self loathers who hate me because I am a Godless heathen. They call me the anti-christ, or the Devil.
And of course, they say I am going to hell for eternity. And they believe it. Personally, I feel that anyone who thinks like this, is living hell on earth, and IF hell existed, they would be the prime candidates.
Now we get to the third type. The kind of people who believe that I am being guided by the Devil. The good religious folk who pray for me and pray for my soul. I'm finding that a lot of people have told me they are praying for me. In fact, I probably have more people praying for me than they have praying for them. If God existed, I have made it on his radar screen. He is taking notice, "who is this Bacon Eating Atheist Jew?, I want this guy checked out." He probably has his top guys monitoring me right now.
With all these people praying for me, he has to appease them. He just has to.
So I'm not worried, the more I say God doesn't exist, or the more I laugh at the bible, the more I've increased my chances of eternal bliss, if such a bliss exists.

November 27, 2005


5 wins and 1 loss last week baby. Who da man? I'm da man. The record on the year now is 34-30-3, and My Bacon Specials are on fire riding out a two game winning streak. OK, my record on Specials still sux at 3-6-2 but there are 6 weeks left in the regular season. Now the picks:

Kansas City by 3 against New England. New England just doesn't have it this year, they are just an average team. KC is the same, but KC is at home and is in must win mode.

Washington at home getting 3 over San Diego. Again a classic West Coast-East game where the home team has a huge advantage. I can't see Gates being 100% if he plays, and if Washington just has to focus on LT it could be a long day for Brees and the Chargers. Washington needs the win if they have any chance to make the playoffs, and Brunell looked awful the last two weeks, look for improvement.

Buffalo getting 3 and a half at home to Carolina. The Bills have been predictable lately: take them at home and go against them on the road. It is going to be Bills weather today, look for their defense to come up big.

Houston getting 3 and a half against St. Louis. Fishiest line of the week, I would have thought St. Louis would be at least 5. Bookies don't lose money. Take Houston.

New York Jets by 1 and a half against New Orleans. Watch for the Jets to blow out New Orleans. Stressful year for the homeless Saints and the Jets players are playing for their jobs now.

New York Giants getting 5 against Seattle. This is my only road team pick of the week. I think we'll get a very high scoring game, and I am expecting a see saw game that comes down to the last play or overtime. Eli is playing with lots of confidence but Seattle might go into this game too confidently, they only need one more win at this early stage in the season to clinch first place in their division.

And finally the RED HOT Bacon Special: Tampa Bay to beat up on Da Bears by 3 in Tampa. Chicago has taken full advantage of being in a weak division and having a weak schedule. They have also fluked out by having bad weather show up when they played better teams. I think this will be a walk in the park for Tampa Bay at home.
Cadillac Williams has hit his early stride, and Chris Simms is improving and has quite a few targets.

November 26, 2005


Lately on Yahoo message boards I have been encountering some posters who are labelling me, and Atheists in general, as God haters.
Look you brain dead Fundies, I can't hate something that doesn't exist. I don't hate Santa Claus, I don't hate The Tooth Fairy, I don't hate The Easter Bunny, and I don't hate God.
I don't even hate the concept of God, at least a God that cares about mankind and provides a life everlasting for anyone who hasn't raped or murdered. Even though I see absolutely zero evidence that God exists or even existed. If the concept of God makes people not rape and murder and gives them hope for life eternal, let them embrace it.

But, keep it away from me. Don't push it at me. And if you are going to interpret God as being a vengeful, earthquake making, hurricane blowing, volcano spewing madman, you then become my enemy if I have to hear about it.

And if you are going to push ID in school to numb the brains of the young, you are also my enemy. ID is not a science, it has no provable theories associated with it. All it does is attempt (in a futile way) to poke holes at evolution.

And now America is paying for it. The three R's in school are starting to become the Retarded Religious Right.

It is shameful that the Darwin Exhibit it New York had to rely on private sponsors.
Mind you, so does anything to do with ID. But one thing is real and the other thing borders on Mythology/Philosophy/Theology. Corporate America is scared shitless of the RRR. Logic and reason is being shunned by sponsors. I'm going to buy No Name from now on, until a few companies come to their senses.

How about "Evolution Goes Better With Coke" or "Pepsi, Choice of Homo Sapiens" ?

Cheers to Guinness for their very innovative commercial, which will probably never be seen in North America at prime time: