January 21, 2005

George Bush and God

OK, I realize that winning a Presidential election is far more important than winning a football game, but this thanking God stuff is just way too much to watch.
Bush is pretty much stating that God's will is dictating his policies and that he is in a sense using God as a scapegoat in case he makes mistakes. Since he is doing God's work by being President.
Whatever happened to the seperation of Church and State?
I think either Bush is a nut or his speech writers are nuts.
I'm surprised he didn't start singing "You Light Up My Life" yesterday.


  1. Bush is a nut *and* his speechwriters are nuts. If Busn had his way, we'd be living in a theocracy.

  2. Yes, Bush is nuts and so is half of this country. Just after the election, (well, once the shock, horror, panic and anxiety went away) I promptly went out and purchased 2 bumper stickers:

    1) Christianty has pagan DNA
    2) What would Jesus Bomb?

    I am now just awaiting the re-birth of the witch burnings.