November 20, 2005


Last week I was 2 and 4. But my Bacon Special came in. My record is 29-29-3 for the year. This is very sad. Can't even beat the vig. Bacon Specials are a still pathetic 2-6-2. Here we go:

Tennessee getting 4 at home to Jacksonville. Jax is good but they don't deserve to be 4 points on the road against an average team that has been playing below it's capabilities so far. Jax isn't that good, and Tenny isn't that bad.

Atlanta by 6 against Tampa Bay. Just a gut feeling that Atlanta is going to blow Tampa Bay and the young Chris Simms out.

Baltimore getting 3 and a half at home to Pittsburgh. OK, I'm a confessed anti-Steelerite, but c'mon, they have Maddox starting today. I still can't believe how brutal the announcer was last Sunday night when Maddox entered the game, he was completely say what everyone knows.....I felt bad for Maddox, but he can't have lots of confidence and he is playing another one of those teams that is better than their record suggests. Boller will play much better today after getting rid of the cobwebs last week.

San Diego by 11 over Buffalo. Buffalo on the west coast....forget about it. I think San Diego needs to blow a team out to prove they are for real.

Minny getting 4 and a half in Green Bay. Old rivalry. Green Bay upset Atlanta last week. Minny upset the Giants. Minny is better than Green Bay. Green Bay is horrible, Minny is just terrible.

The Bacon Special today: Cleveland by 2 over Miami. Why is Cleveland favored over anyone is a mystery. Vegas doesn't make lines to lose money. I know I've said this before and got burnt, but in the long run, these plays will win at a around a 75% clip. And remember, my Bacon Special are riding a hot one game winning streak right now.

Tip: If you are in an office Football Pool against the spread, check out games where one team is picked at least 60-65% of the time or more and then bet the other team regardless of your sentiments. You will make money almost every week doing this.