November 19, 2005


Either you are smiling or you are shocked or even upset by this thought. Maybe it is a mixture of the three.
But I think this has much more merit than placing ID "theory" in classrooms.
I think any place that allows ID in classrooms should also make in mandatory that evolution has to be taught in Churches, Synagogues and Mosques as an alternative to Genesis. Fair is fair.
For example, I am really getting peeved at the stupidity that Fundies show. They don't seem to even know their own bible. And worse, they stick their head in the sand when presented with facts.
OK, I know that the majority of people in the world need something to believe in and they need a spirtitual purpose, and they really really want eternal life. But it is disturbing to see the theshold of ignorance these people have in order to maintain their FAITH and BELIEFS.
Now that the Catholic Church has taken a great step forward to state that ID should not be taught in schools as science, I wonder if this means that Catholics now will start embracing evolution.
40% of Americans believe in Theistic Evolution. I have no problem with it. It is evolution with God watching. This can be incorporated in every religion, and it should be.
It is the 45% of Americans who believe in a Young Earth and zero evolution who need to be educated.
But perhaps not. Religion is a necessary evil. It gives the dimwitted something to believe in and something to live for. Many of these people would rape and pillage 24/7 if they didn't think God was judging them. Fear of God keeps them from total anarchy. It makes the ignorant masses relatively moral.
Of course, they think Atheists are evil. Why aren't prisons full of Atheists then?