November 7, 2005


First, I want to thank The Raving Atheist( for inspiring this post.

If prayer is so powerful, how come it hasn't caught on with actuarial science? Why do those who pray, pay the same exact insurance premiums as a godless infidel like myself?

This just doesn't make sense. If I get hit by a car, or get struck by a tree branch during a storm, I must be way more prone to a longer hospital stay than someone who prays. I must even be more likely to be struck by a car than someone who prays to be safe from harm each day too. I must be way more likely to die of unnatural causes than someone who prays. I'm sure the insurance companies are hiding their findings for their own financial gains since believers outnumber dudes like me at least 2 to 1. And I definitely wouldn't be a candidate to be able to walk again or see again if I was paralyzed or became blind. Those who pray also have congregations praying for them, I might have one or two sympathetic believers tops talking to God on my behalf.

About The Raving Atheist's post, I would like to add the following: it seems that God only performs "miracles" that can be explained scientifically on the ones he picks and chooses to cure. Making someones limbs grow back would created too many believers for heaven. "Curing" cancer or "restoring" eyesight through prayer keeps his numbers managable because doubters like me need more to tweak our interest.