November 6, 2005


Correction, I jumped the gun last week stating my Bacon Specials were a pathetic 1-6-1 last week. With last weeks overtime loss in the Detroit Chicago game, I am now a pathetic 1-6-1 with my Specials. On a positive note, I am now over 500 on the season overall. My record this year is 25-24-1.

This week is gonna be tough. I don't remember seeing so many road favorites ever in one week. This week, the home team are underdogs in 9 out of 14 games. I hate handicapping these type of games. Ok, here goes:

Oakland getting four points against KC. I'm expecting close to 60 points scored in this game with very little defense. This game might see saw all day. The game will come down to the last play.

Cleveland by 3 against Tennessee. The Browns are at home to one of the weaker AFC teams.

Tampa Bay getting one point against Carolina. Tampa has to show they can win without Griese. They came off a humiliating loss to San Fran last week. They will rebound.

Washington by 3 against Philly. Philly looks bad, and Washington probably worked as hard as they ever have looking at tapes this week after last weeks disaster against the Giants. Good teams can lose and even get clobbered, if they don't rebound, they aren't a good team anymore.

The Superbowl Champion New England Patriots GETTING 3 and a half points at home against seemingly unbeatable Peyton Colts. You just have to take the Patriots. I don't care if the Colts win by 20, you have to take the Patriots just on principle alone.

Bacon Special for today is New Orleans getting 3 against da Bears. New Orleans will win this one. Da Bears bubble will burst down the stretch. Today New Orleans will poke a hole in the bubble. Is it no wonder my Bacon Specials are so bad that I depend on teams like the Saints to cover?