March 7, 2006

Brave Arab Atheist Psychiatrist Tells It Like It Is

Arab American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan is a very brave lady, as she confronts a bearded cleric on Al Jazeera television and gives him a severe dose of righteous truth:

Hopefully she won't lose her head to Islam.


  1. We need to build a statue for this lady. Go Wafa.

  2. LOL - she really had him at a loss for words.

  3. This woman ROCKS!! She just absolutely destroys that guy! Unfortunately, she will probably lose her head soon. BRAVE, BRAVE woman!

  4. Sammy, a fundamentalist is no match with an Atheist in a real debate.

    Joe, I hope she keeps her head for a long time.

  5. Well, she lives in Los Angeles, so it's not like she's stuck some Third World shithole where she'd have to go into hiding. Still, she could be in danger anywhere, I suppose -- look at what happened to Theo van Gogh. I agree; I hope no harm comes to her.

  6. True Bacon, true.

    Catherine - I don't know - didn't a coptic Egyptian just get killed somewhere east because of his comments on a message board? There are wackos everywhere.

  7. Absolutely amazing. Bacon eater, Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! The hell with Hillary, she has my vote for president, even if she's not an American citizen.
    Thanks beaj.

  9. P.S. I watched it again and I think I'm in love.

  10. She has alot of good points, but I think she failed to fully step outside the "clash of civilizations" model, instead claiming it doesn't exist while fufilling her role as a spokesman for the western stance against Islam. I think the real nature of the rivalry is one where Islam and the west are each mimicing each other. The west subjegates an Islamic community, Islam blows up a statue; Islam blows up a market, the west shoots a missle at a "terrorist's" home.

    Her arguments that "the west" doesn't behave like Islam are patently false, and if she needs a Jew to point at, I would suggest Henry Kissenger. The West has more than it's share of blood on it's hands. Assassination, invasion, torture, economic sanctions, propoganda... name it, and we've done it.

    The problem is that Ocidental and Islamic interests continue to blame each other for their mutual bad behaviour, wrapped under the polemic of a clash of civilizations. This hypocritical finger-pointing hides the reality that what we're witnessing is really a clash of fundamentalisms.

    To address some of her points specificly: while Islam owes much to the science of the west, the science of the west owes much to persia - and specificly to Bagdad (remember that for many, Islam is just the only middle-eastern ideology to choose from); while Islam blows up statues, the west invades their holy lands; while Islam blows up markets, Occidentals blows up whole cities, and assassinate with missles; while Islam tortures, so does the West; while Islam threatens with covert terror, the west threatens with conventional terror.

    What I find most remarkable about this rivalry, is how prodominant the traits they have in common are becoming, while the traits that set them apart are moving farther into the background.

  11. I'll be first to admit that there is problem with the Western Fundies. But I'd rather be with the Western Fundies than the Middle Eastern Fundies.
    I think over time, the Western Fundies will lose control to the science/intellectual movement. And nobody has to die during this transformation.

  12. Wow! That was refreshing! I don't agree with everything she said as there is a distinction to be made between Islam the religion of deep humanity and Islam, the violent revolutionary political movement that acts like Marxism for Arabs the way Marxism was in Europe in the seventies.
    But she certainly goes after that intense conceit that Islam has today, of being a religion so superior that its "defense" allows anything from throat slashing to unleashing your AK-47 on a wedding party. "Jihad" ought to include great literary works or getting telephone service to your neighborhood, or making a cheap car. Instead, people claiming to be true muslims drive car bombs into crowds and write long garbage on the inferiority of Jews. The moderates remain silent and then wonder why cartoonists fill the vacuum they leave.

  13. good points.
    I note your use of the term "fundamentalist" and "clash of fundamentalists". Could this also mean the clash between faith and reality? I agree that there must be the inevitable clash between traditional religion, superstition, taboos and what you term science/intellectual. I don't see this struggle as between two players only. I don't think western fundies is the lesser of two evils. Perhaps they should watch the dutch video to understand they also live in an liberal, secular humanist society.

  14. "To address some of her points specificly: while Islam owes much to the science of the west, the science of the west owes much to persia - and specificly to Bagdad"

    Everyone knows that Persians developed Algebra and the concept of zero, but mesopotamia was perhaps the first area of civilization as we know it, with thousands of years of development ahead of the rest of the world. They SHOULD have, and did, develop writing and law and fundamental mathematics, but why should Islam highjack these achievements? Is it because they have done nothing else to contribute to humanity in the past 1400 years? I think so.

  15. "Islam is just the only middle-eastern ideology to choose from"

    Right, but why do you suppose that is?

    "while Islam blows up statues, the west invades their holy lands; while Islam blows up markets, Occidentals blows up whole cities, and assassinate with missles"

    you make a very unfair juxtaposition with every point here.

    Define "their holy lands," is it every where the is a mosque?

    Name a whole city blowed up by the west. Hint: Fallujah is wrong

    "assasinate with missles", would you not complain were it scimitars?

    Lastly, Henry Kissinger is not the Devil, although there are many websites that will try to convince you he is the anti-christ.

  16. That was beyond awesome! I sat there with my jaw touching the floor. She has cajones the size of Jupiter!

  17. Im not that hardcore in debating on islam, since its not far back I started to think about that religion.

    But I have to say shes extremely brave, in telling off religious fanatics like that!

    We should have more of people like her.