March 7, 2006

News Story of the Palestinian Girl Who Almost Went Kaboom in a Hospital

This is the true almost unbelievable story that Paradise Now isn't. It illustrates how the Palestinian thugs recruit the vulnerable to do their dirty work. This girl was suicidal, but not because of Israel or the plight of the Palestinians. Well at least she wasn't a 12 year old retarded boy. The Palestinian terrorist leaders have no shame, and they are the ones who have always been the Palestinian leaders and thinktank.

This incident happened at the beginning of last summer.


  1. A truly tragic story. I pity the children of the moslim world.

  2. Bacon - her story would have been worse off being portrayed as a movie - you do realize that don't you?

    But with her ugly wounds, Wafa lost her friends. She was lonely.

    Then, Latifah continued, "Suddenly she said, ‘I want to commit suicide. If there is anyone who will give me a bomb to blow myself up I will do it.’ Her mom shouted, ‘Shut up — don't say that. We don't need more problems’."

    Wafa's mother told Latifah that her daughter was sick, unhappy, and might need a psychiatrist. "But her brothers said, ‘No, people will talk about us, they'll think she's crazy. We should take her for a walk. Maybe she will change her mind’."

    Worst of cases
    Krieger pointed out to us that patients with severe burns usually become depressed and proper psychological counseling is critical, even in the best of cases.

    In the Jabalya refugee camp, jilted by her fiance, surrounded by shamed brothers, scared parents and poverty, Wafa al-Biri was the worst of cases.

    She was easy pickings for someone with a bomb and a cause. According to Wafa, the al-Aqsa militants came knocking. Here was a vulnerable young woman, willing to die, and moreover with the golden ticket — a pass for humanitarian reasons to a hospital in Israel.

    Now - watching this tape, it appears that the girl is stripped outside in the open - I'd really like to know if she has any privacy from the other civillians that go through this crossing - reading the description though - it seems as though it is right there for everyone to see. Do you believe that this sort of humiliation is appropriate? Yes - I do understand she was a suicide bomber - but how many weren't? I can also give you an example of a strip search done in an airport out in the open to a Palestinian/American girl in her teens.

  3. Sammy,there was a warning that IDF had about her being a suicide bomber. How they knew, I don't know. So unless we can compare her to others, I will not make a judgment, also unless we see the whole story from her entering the checkpoint to the point the bomb was blown up, I will reserve any judgment.
    I really think this would make a great movie in comparison with Paradise Now.
    The truth of the Palestinians is absurd enough. Paradise Now, was a crock from what I've read.

    Oink, I will allow this post because it has a new element to it. But post the exact same thing again, and I will delete it.

  4. Okay bacon - let me give you the story of the Palestinian/American that I knew back from my youth.

    You'd never guess that she was Palestinian. She was one of the most popular girls in school, she dated, she partied with the rest of us - basically she was an all around American girl - she even sported a Jewish boyfriend.

    Her parents weren't thrilled that her boyfriend was Jewish - but they really were pretty good about it - they never forbid her from seeing him - he was allowed over - things were okay for her except that they voiced their disapproval of the situation to her (her political views had been changing as well).

    Then, the next summer that came around, she informed us that she was going to Palestine. She did - she came back and broke up with her boyfriend. Not that I think that her breaking up with him was the right thing to do - as he wasn't the one to do this to her - but this is why:

    Upon arrival to the airport - at the terminal the girl had got her bags and headed over to customs where they went through all of her belongings - she went through the metal detectors and cleared them and then they had her strip down to the bone - not in a private room, but right there in front of everyone. The girl had an American passport as she was born here, she did have an obviously Muslim name. This happened 20 years ago, so we can't say that it is because of the fear of a suicide bomber - as I think that the first female suicide bombers are recent.

    From what I know - that was the worst of it, but besides that - she found that she was constantly being humiliated while she was there - and not by the Palestinians.

    So - what's your opinion to that? You can google it for yourself - palestinians humiliation - see that such things happen all the time.

    We should just watch the movie before making conclusions. I don't always agree with Ebert when it comes to his thumbs up and thumbs down on movies.

  5. WINO
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    You need to get out more and associate with real people. Your small life must be pretty boring.

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  6. Sammy, as long as Palestinians have intent to blow up in hospitals there is going to be humiliation. Not all Jews are good Jews either. But I doubt this type of humiliation is the norm.

  7. She was a trouble woman that decided to die. She lived in a place where there are a lot of stress and sensitivity, so the easy solution for a death-wish palestinian is to be a suicide bomber. He/She can kill him/herself and not go to hell.

  8. You suck ben zion. You have the typical elitist mentality of your species.

  9. Yes I'm human, and not a monkey. If you say "your specied" you are not included, so what species are you? Monkey, donkey or pig?

    Oh, and it's so fun to hide behind an anonymous blogger. Great life you have.

  10. Man- it is so nice to see there are other atheists out there that aren't the knee-jerk "israel is evil" kind.

    Right on.

    Lya (a one-time almost Jew ;) )

  11. Anon, BIOYA

    EBZ, the Pali culture is screwed.

    Lya, hi, glad you came for a visit. I notice overall that Atheists tend to be Liberals, there are many who understand what the Arab culture is all about, and that Israel is needed because anti-semitism exists.

    A one time Jew? That could mean a few things:)

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    It was so nice of you to make me your subject tonight, and talk about me when I wasn't on the board.
    It takes real brave people to do that to other's. Vanessa Brooks
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  13. Well bacon - as I had said - it happened 20 years ago - female bombers are a recent thing and still it is rare.

    I'm saddened that you could excuse this type of humiliation. It's almost like saying that because a girl was wearing a short skirt that she deserved to be raped.

  14. I'm not excusing it. I'm saying that there are some bad Jews who do bad things, but it is a rarity.

  15. "A one time Jew? That could mean a few things:) "

    *lol* true. In this case, I meant I studied for several years intending to convert.

    Obviously, that didn't happen.