March 31, 2006

A few blogs worth looking at

I've been blogging for over a year now, so even though I feel like an ancient blogger, I'm really still a novice. But a found a couple of blogs made by "rookies" that are definitely worth checking out.

First I want to recommend Beep Beep's blog. She has been blogging since November from Downunder. She digs up lots of interesting stuff that any Atheist or Agnostic will enjoy reading. Mixing current issues, with history and then adding her excellent wit, her blog is one of my favorites. Escapee from the Meme Machine is another blog I like to visit. Lya has been blogging since August, and many of her posts are personal and introspective.

Now for the real rookies.

My Case Against God is a blog that just started this month and is already getting rave reviews amongst some of the most well known Atheists in the blogosphere. Francesthemagnificent is one of those dudes who is noticeably smart and comes at you from left field and so far he has had the affect of not only making me think more but also opening up my eyes even wider. Which is quite a feat, since us Atheists already have our eyes wide open.

And the other rookie, sitting at paltry 99 visitors at the time of this writing is God's Loyal Opposition. The guy who writes this is a student in Bahrain. He just started in March, and I have read his posts so far, and they are hysterical. Plus he has the perspective of living in a Muslim country going for him. I'm sure if he sticks with it, his blog is going to become extremely popular soon.

I knew these two rookies were perceptive when they blogrolled me immediately. It shows how sharp they are. I'll mention a third rookie, the Recovering Ortho Jew, who has the potential to debunk the entire Old Testament if he keeps going along his sordid path. He scared me recently when he said he reverted back to a believer for Purim.

Ok, so here we have it, a rookie poster who is smarter than me, and another who is funnier than me. At least I still have my good looks..... Alright, I can admit I'm not the best, I have that going for me, my humility that is. And besides, the dumbest Atheist is smarter than the most intelligent Fundy. In fact my Border Collie Daisy is as smart as the average Fundy. Anyways, I'm OK, I have my niche.


  1. This God thing Mr. Bacon?

    Ifin "it" don't exist, why keep beating the poor non-existant dead horse?

  2. Rubin, it is thrown in our face all the time. It is the basis of Radical Islam. It is reason why Janet Jackson's nipple is a such a big thing, why Howard Stern got yanked, and most importantly why todays student is getting dumbed down and restrricted by being taught that evolution is a tool of the devil.

  3. Thank you very much for your kind, generous words about my blog, My Case Against God. I've found the blogging community to be extremely welcoming and consistently engaging. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, as well, and will continue to visit on a regular basis.

    I'm proud to have you on my "Recommended" links. Keep up the good work, and keep doing it with a sense of humor (something occasionally lacking from my "sermons"). :)

  4. Thanks mate for writing some good reviews for my blog..Yes have just started and thanks to you mates got the 100 benchmark.. It is kinda hard to advocate my questions here in Arabia but I have gathered some cult around me and more people are discussing it.. For your information my label in the university now is "Satan of S-17" S-17 being the number of the building of my collage. I'm getting stopped for my infamous thoughts..well life couldn't get better..So many to make fun of so little time.


  5. Frances, your sermons are filled with ironies. Lots of subtle humor.

    GLO, no problem. Were you born in Bahrain and have you had any death threats, and how many Atheists or Agnostics to do figure are living in Arabia?

  6. Man, this place is fun- and to think I found it through a fundie psycho.

  7. Well as you know Bahrain is a really tiny isle. So far the people I'm interacting with are studying in the state run university. Of course my PR isn't that well but there are many "convertables" there. many of them know what they believe in is wrong but yet they cling on for the sake of safety. Although the cult I'm advertising "Fuckallism" got so far one sheep..uhmm I mean follower. More people come and discuss Islamic stuff with me cuz like I say I know so much about Islam I could've been the king of Saudi, since I was a Wahaabi and lived in a Wahaabi neighborhood. Wahaabi is the sect which exteremist like Bin Laden follow. About the death threats. I get them everyday basically even when I'm enjoying my elevator music. On a more serious note my local terrorist organization cell (local imam) has threatened to run me over with his pick up truck few times and tried it once seriously when I pulled a stupid stunt cursing at Allah in front of a mosque. I kid you not, I was on medication at the time. But there is one thing you need to know, people stopped caring. most of who cling on to Islam are as muslim as the pope but yet they claim it is the right thing. don't be relaxed just yet, I got a suicide bomber/pizza guy ringing my door.

    PS. Yes I was born in Bahrain. Although I'm actually an ethnic minority called Baluch and my grandfather was a british solider located here during the british rule here..never left I guess

  8. If you haven't already, check out
    funny, clever, fellow Canadian, has well over 1000 visits.

  9. Thanks Omar, he is already on my blogroll as of yesterday. He started commenting here a few weeks ago.

  10. VP, glad you made it here.

    GLO, interesting stuff. You should do a write up on your blog about the topic, and what led you to the unholy abyss.

  11. BEAJ,

    Thanks again for your kind words. Unfortunately, I'm a Libertarian living in a statist country and an Atheist living in a theistic country. Thus, when writing about the society in which I live, the most I can usually muster is dry, ironic humor. That's why your blog always feels like a blast of fresh air. We complement each other well.

  12. Mr. Bacon and Friends enjoy..

    godhatesfigs, The Fruits Of Evil

    God hates squid

    Underground search for 'God particle' Science believes! :)

    btw I'm with you on the Islammo Bammos, Muslime Murderers, PaleoTards, SplodyDopes, Mad Mullahs etc.!

    But we may need another Crusade soon...

    so i don't think i'll be conflating Christians/Christendom, Budhism/Buddists, Hinduism/Hindus, Judaism/Jewery etc. with Islam or the Ummah any time soon my friends.

  13. A lot of us Atheists will be with you on the Crusade thing. When it comes down to the nitty gritty most Atheists have a soft spot for Christendom and think the Crusades were the coolest thing the Christians ever did. We will be amused by the irony of blessing the weapons before we go into battle too. Yet we Atheists may be ready but are the Christians? Last I heard the Arch Bishop was apologizing to the heathens for the Crusades. Time to sort your shit out and return to the true faith.

    Can I be a Knight Templar?

  14. Thanks for recommending my blog mate.. kind of you :)

  15. *

    I don't carry a card or belong to any "Church", never really was exposed directly during my youth as Pop [82 years old now] was and still remains an atheist [mom agnostic].

    Nontheless for dear old Pop today I'm a convert by magic!! :)

    Rest assured angloamerican, if I hear where one signs up to join the Knights Templar, i'll sign on myself as i'm too old to join the Marines, but before i'm off to the next Crusade i'll be sure and leave directions to their offices right here @ Mr. Bacon House!