March 12, 2006

Is Canada Growing Balls On The Palestinian Issue?

On Friday, Canada along with the USA vetoed a non-binding motion calling on Israel to allow all Palestinian refugee women and children to return to their homes.
"Their homes" ? Who writes this crap?
The South-African-sponsored resolution was adopted by the UN Economic and Social Council by a vote of 41-2. Lots of abstaining I imagine.
Hopefully this will be just a start of a brand new policy shift. I hope Harper remains consistent. I think it is obvious he understands that Hamas equals Al Qaeda. You don't aid terrorists, you do whatever it takes to destroy them.
The problem is that Canada is full of bleeding heart liberals who make excuses for terrorist acts and just don't get it.

I found the story in the comment section of Waking Up Planet X's story on Tom Fox.

Amazingly, doing a news search on Yahoo and Google I could only find one link about this vote.


  1. I think it is obvious he understands that Hamas equals Al Qaeda.

    It's obvious that you don't understand that Palestinian women and children don't equal Hamas.

  2. I think you need to check what the word "vetoed" means.

  3. Bacon, just saying Hi.

    You're getting too politicized. I got very fast connection but couldn't stream well that fruitcake lady. later pal.

  4. Robert, give me a break. Right of return for children and women means right of return for terrorists too. Figure it out. Right of return is a non issue any ways, it will never happen.

    Mark, Canada and the USA were the only ones to vetoe the motion. Click the link and read the article for yourself.

    CI, some of those videos from that site stream slow, some stream fast. Best thing to do is wait for it to load slow once and then play it.