March 13, 2006

Former Terrorists Tell the Truth and Shame Islamic Culture

The following video is an interview with 3 former Palestinian terrorists who now preach peace. The first person interviewed here is Walid Shoebat. Walid really pisses terrorists and their ass kissing supporters off, because he really shames them and their culture:

Below is a compilation of movie clips, cartoon clips and media clips that shows how Arabs are portrayed in Hollywood. It loads slower than I like, but it is well worth the wait:

I laughed at what Sharon Osbourne said on Larry King in the above clip.


  1. Excellent interview with the three gentlemen!

    This is the message that should be amplified everywhere. These guys have been into the belly of the beast and then seen the light, so to speak.

    If its ok, Bacon, I'd like to post this on my blog as I see this interview as being very important.


  2. Bacon - three ex-terrorists - three converts to Christianity - hmmmmm. Maybe it's not about informing people - maybe it is about something else.

    Maybe it's the fame... or .... money money money...

  3. Sammy, nobody has heard of these dudes. There story is the same as Wafa's. Maybe they are telling the truth.

  4. yeah - right - no one has heard of these dudes. Walid Shoebat has his own website in which he sells his books and stuff. He is advertising the other 2 on his website and the three of them are public speakers for hire.

    Generally - these speakers start at $5,000.00 an event and that's for speakers that are not in demand. Shoebat is well known and the younger of the three is on his way to stardom as well.

    There are plenty of people that turn against their own relgion - you should know that. Let's see, there's "Jews for Allah" there is Chomsky, there is Joseph Cohen aka Yosef Mohammed Khatib (now a supporter of Hamas and refuses to call the area Israel and refers to it as Palestine only).

    You know bacon - this blog is starting to look like a kanalie source.

    Have fun with it.

  5. Sammy, are you calling these guys liars. What they say makes perfect sense when you look at the actions of the Palestinians. I'm sorry. But that is reality. OK, most people know Walid, but not the other two dudes. Their stories match history. It would be different if the stories couldn't be substantiated.
    And yes I've become more radical since Hamas was elected. I have absolutely no respect for the Palestinians now. And I don't buy the corruption excuses.

  6. Sorry bacon - it's since before Hamas was elected. I don't like it either - but it wasn't the election for you.

    Seriously though - what wafa says is aimed at a culture and yes a lot of people from that culture have some changes to make. Many still don't but the ones that don't are agreeing with her. Wafa is good in the sense that she can make people think about standing up to the bullshit in the mideast.

    These three dudes make it seem that every palestinian youth and every muslim youth even in the states is in danger of being a terrorist and that my friend is a load of CRAP.

  7. These three dudes make it seem that every palestinian youth and every muslim youth even in the states is in danger of being a terrorist...

    My introduction: I am an apostate from Islam. As I have lived in three Moslem countries--Born in Saudi Arabia, lived in Pakistan for 10 years, right now studying at a university here in Dubai, U.A.E, each of them different from the other, SA the most strict, Pakistan a little moderate, and UAE claiming to be the most liberal Moslem country on the planet--I do not disagree with these guys at all.

    I know how many westerners say that the Islamic terrorism is actually the west's fault, how they treated the Moslems, the Crusades and stuff but sadly they just stop there, they don't go back further.

    ...and that my friend is a load of CRAP.

    Well read some history, read the Islamic religion in detail, know their practices, live among them and you will stop saying that.

  8. It seems as if Sammy Girl thinks that trading places with any of these guys or Salman Rushdie for example, is the fast track to "fame and fortune," someone sure is full of crap.

  9. avenging apostate - I've read the Quran twice and I am fairly familiar with Islamic history. Again - you are informing us of a cultural problem.

    I can agree that the ME has problems and shit must be done about the extremism. However, we are talking about a region in confllict when it comes to Palestinians - who are also some of the most secular muslims in the ME.

    Also - it seems to me that you can not speak for muslims outside of the ME - ie. American - European - Hispanic - South American.

    As for anonymous - I never heard of these three guys lives being threatened. As a matter of fact I don't remember the last time I heard of an American's life being threatened due to their opinion.

  10. the fanatic at the very end is the smartest of em all...

  11. I'm a proud muslim. Here i would like tu clarify that ISLAM is not about terrorism but it's about simpicity in life. If u know ISLAM then u 'll know the whole truth... Everything that is happening in Mid East or any other islamic countries is caused by the americans and their allies...

  12. An Atheist Jew?

    is as retard as saying an Atheist Muslim or Atheist Christian, just call your self an Atheist.

  13. Call me what you want Anonymous. I call myself an atheist Jew, and I explain it in the header of my blog.

    Hint: I would have been sent to a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. No one would have asked me if I believed in God or not.