March 24, 2006

My Personal DNA

Attentive Analyst

I scored 96 for masculinity and 14 for feminity, and there wasn't even a question about the amount of hair on my head.

Thanks Fundy Bane, for the link. Bane knows he is going to heaven. There is no doubt in his mind.


  1. I am a Generous Realist according to the quiz. Sounds about right. Got a 76/38 on the Masculinity/Femininity scale. That scares me a bit.

  2. Apparently, I am something of a 'Genuine' Analyst. (And to think I've spent months developing a phony alter-ego. Man, this test saw right through me.)
    I bagged a 98 on masculinity. I also revealed quite a bit of my feminine side, ripping off a healthy 44. (This might have something to do with the hormone replacements. Or maybe evolution.)
    Strange... but since taking the test, I can't seem to stop arguing with myself.

    Thanks for the link. It was fun.

  3. hey, you watched that heavenly body with bullet nipples and still claim your're an Atheist!? bs detector just maxed out!!


  4. Anonymous-

    Keep posting, clown. I love to laugh!