March 13, 2006


Danish Muhammed - United we stand - In the fight for the Freedom of Speech!

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  1. Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al SabahMarch 13, 2006 7:13 PM

    On behalf of the Muslim world , thank you Denmark for telling us how you feel. We really enjoyed participating in commerce with you and importing $6 million of your products on a daily basis( 2 Billion per yr). Unfortunately we are going to have to put an end to these imports and STOP sending $2 BILLION of our Cash your way every year. We will understand if you decide to stop importing the 200,000 barrels of oil per day from us. China has big oil and gas demands and we will just re route the tankers. Once again Thank you for your kind words.

  2. All those points Sheikh Ahmad Fahad made are excellent points and would be expected of an offended religion. You did however, forget to add that stupid mulim people all over the world will continue making asses of themselves by burning buildings, pillaging and causing deaths to their own people.

  3. Dear Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al Sabah,

    On Behalf of Denmark and, more specifically, your Danish girlfriend, Dagmar, we are pleased to inform you that we call your bluff and have raised the ante.

    Dagmar will no longer be your girlfriend but will now be moving to Canada where we will have her pimped out to the highest bidder.

    She tells us of your "problem" and we hope you can have it treated soon and Dagmar has promised that as soon as the goat costume is back from the dry cleaners she will return it to you by post. She wanted us to tell you that she will handle that precious family heirloom with all the respect it deserves.

    Good Luck and give us a call when your balls are going to burst and you plan to give in. We have a pool going on how long you'll last.

  4. Dear Sheik,
    Please take an economics course, and stop infecting western society w/ your vile "culture". Not necessarily in that order.
    Good luck w/ the boycott.

  5. Bacon: I love the apology. It seems to come straight from the heart.

  6. I love it! Towelhedz can kiss my white American Ass. Finally, the Danish ROCK!

  7. Chadwick CheesewrightMarch 26, 2006 9:43 AM

    Xenophobia is a big deal

  8. Wellcome to haistila you mother fucker's. I will execute every muslim who will show his face here or elsewhere in the world. I will kick your ass. Or as Mercury says: "We will rock you"
    So fuck off!!!!