March 18, 2006


Avenging Apostate, a contributor on the Pedestrian Infidel site wrote this eye opening piece on the UAE. He states, "I would safely estimate that 99% of the UAE’s population is strongly anti American. The same also can be said for Pakistan."

Avenging Apostate just isn't anyone. A former Muslim, he is a student who lives in the UAE. The article is a must read for anyone who is on the fence about the Port's Deal, and anyone who has a liberal attitude towards Islam.

On a side note. I have had discussions with Muslims before, and I get mixed reaction about whether a Muslim is a Muslim for life by birth, like a Jew or Druze is. Someone said that anyone born to a Muslim father is considered a Muslim, no matter what he or she believes. Therefore you can have an Atheist Muslim or a Christian Muslim. However, another person told me that it goes by belief: a Muslim must believe in Allah and follow the Koran.
If it does indeed go by the Muslim father, conceivably someone can be a Muslim Jew, or Jewish Muslim for life, if their dad is a Muslim and their mother is a Jew.


  1. I didn't see the piece on the eye opening piece on the UAE - I saw Avenging Apostate's article on the fortune telling.

    Since anonymous comments aren't allowed on that blog - I will have to say it here.

    Me thinks he is a fake. Please feel free to get his ass over here so that he knows.

  2. You have to click the "this for the piece.
    I suggest you email him:

  3. Sammygirl,

    From your email to me,

    You have made a mistake that no one of arab desent would make - no one with even a limited understanding of Islam would make. Well - have fun trying to figure it out.

    Hmm, I have made a mistake. Wow! Really? Where? Can you point it out? Or did I just make a mistake by not mentioning that 'Islam is a religion of peace?'. We can spend hours solving riddles here, but if you honestly want an answer, specify your objection and I will explain, if you don't like the explanation, the choice is yours.

    As for you saying 'no one of arab desent' shows how much you actually know about me.

    Anyway, I will answer about this when you tell me where and what you found the problem with.

    From your comment here,

    Me thinks he is a fake. Please feel free to get his ass over here so that he knows.

    Well you can think whatever you want, just as I say If someone thinks Islam is a religion of peace doesnt mean it actually is. You have to prove what you think for it to be true or approved.

    And now that my ass is here, maybe you can comment on--here and I will reply and if you don't comment here and comment somewhere else, drop an email so I can follow the link and reply to your comment.

    Have fun.

  4. Bacon,

    Someone said that anyone born to a Muslim father is considered a Muslim, no matter what he or she believes. Therefore you can have an Atheist Muslim or a Christian Muslim.

    I can't say anything about Jews but from what you said I can tell you that Islam is different. When a child is born into a Moslem family, the first thing that's done, even before naming the child, is that the father or some elder of the family recites the call to prayer to the baby.

    It is said in the traditions that that tells the baby that he is a Moslem and so he comes at peace and 'knows' from then on that he has to be a servant of Allah.

    Can a Moslem be a Christian Moslem or an Atheist Moslem (just as, say, 'Atheist Jew')? The answer is simple, NO! The terms that you mentioned are contradictory to start with. Once you are a Moslem, the only way out of it (if you announce it publicly) is death. That's what the shariah teaches. Those who say that killing apostates is not in the Koran are just mistaken.

    However, another person told me that it goes by belief: a Muslim must believe in Allah and follow the Koran.

    It is interesting that you brought both the conditions up. In Islam, it is not that you can be of either kind. If you are born in a Moslem family you have to follow Islam because you are Moslem, there is no other way for you. If you don't follow Islam, you're an apostate. Period.

    Oh another thing, that's not that relevant to your post but still I think it could be informative. Some Moslems might call a Christian, a Christian Moslem (although I have never heard of this term or anything like it ever but then I only lived in Moslem countries ;) ) but that's because Allah enlightens the world by saying that people's souls are actually Moslem, they are born somewhere else and choose another path so they convert to that path, say, Christianity. That's why, whenever a Christian converts to Islam, they say he reverted.

  5. You make spelling mistakes in regards to the religion that an arab would not make - mistakes that change the whole definition of the word. Your being an arab - you should be able to explain which word I am talking about.

    Hey - not only did I ask Bacon to get your ass over here, I personally emailed you to let you know that I have made comments about you here at Bacon's blog.

    Now, the appropriate thing to do is either allow your blog to be open to all comments - as is Bacon's, or you can provide a link from your blog back to Bacon's blog - let your fellow readers know that you are being questioned.

    side note to Bacon - Jesus, now I'm comment whoring on your blog - I guess that makes you my pimp ;-)

  6. AA, a Jew is a Jew forever by birth. So by your definition. If a Muslim has an affair with a Jewish woman, assuming they don't marry, but even if, and they have a child, the child would be considered a Muslim by Muslim law and a Jew by Jewish law.

    Sammy, I don't mind being a pimp. Just as long as everything is on the up and up.

  7. In regards to your question - here is an answer using a Quranic approach and not a custom approach - in which AA was describing a ritual in which the Azan is recited into the right ear of the child as soon as possible after birth so that the first words the child hears are Islamic. Anyway a little cut and paste for you:

    The Linguistic Meaning of Fitrah

    ‘Every new-born child is born in a state of fitrah. Then his parents make him a Jew, a Christian or a Magian, just as an animal is born intact. Do you observe any among them that are maimed (at birth)?’[1]

    The word fitrah comes from the Arabic radicals fa ta ra, the verbal noun being fatrun. The root action means, he clove, split, slit, rent or cracked it. Note the usage of the first form fatarahu (He created it); that is, He caused it to exist, newly, for the first time. Thus fatiru’s-samâwât, the Originator or Creator of the heavens.[2]

    The second form, fattara(hu) (verbal noun taftir), denotes repetition, muchness and frequency of the root action which means, as we saw, he clove, split, slit, rent or cracked it.[3] Futira (‘ala shay’) is equivalent to tubi‘a, which is the passive form of taba‘a (verbal noun tab‘un) he sealed, stamped, printed or impressed, being a synonym of khatama, he sealed. Ar-Râghib says that it means the impression of a thing with the engraving of the signet and stamp; thus taba‘a’llâhu ‘alâ qalbihî ‘Allâh sealed his heart’, that is the unbeliever’s heart. Similarly, khatama ‘alaihi, pertains to the natural constitution which denotes a quality of the soul; either by creation or habit, but more especially the creation.[4] Also, taba ‘a’llâhu ‘alâ amr – ‘Allâh created (him) with a disposition to the affair, state or condition’. Likewise, tubi‘a ‘ala shay’ ‘he was created with a disposition to a thing’ which is synonymous with jubila or futira.[5] Tab‘un – originally a verbal noun – signifies nature or an inborn disposition. Its synonyms are sajjiyah, jibillah, khalîqah, tabî‘ah and mizâj. These are names for innate natural disposition which cannot change, and which exists at birth in all human beings.[6] Thus, fitrah, having the same meaning as tab‘un, linguistically means an inborn natural disposition.

    The term fitrah literally means, creation; the causing a thing to exist for the first time; and the natural constitution with which a child is created in his mother’s womb. It is said that is the meaning in the Qur’ân (30:29), and in the central, opening hadîth.[7]

    The Religious Meaning of Fitrah

    In the context of the hadîth, according to Abû Haytham, fitrah means to be born either prosperous or unprosperous [in relation to the soul]:

    ‘And if his parents are Jews, they make him a Jew, with respect to his worldly situation; [i.e. with respect to inheritance, etc.] and if Christians, they make him a Christian, with respect to that situation; and if Magians, they make him a Magian, with respect to that situation; his situation is the same as that of his parents until his tongue speaks for him; but if he dies before his attaining to the age when sexual maturity begins to show itself, he dies in a state of conformity to his preceding natural constitution, with which he was created in his mother’s womb.’[8]

    Fitrah is also associated with Islâm and being born as a Muslim. This is when fitrah is viewed in respect to shahâdah – that there is no god but Allâh and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allâh – which makes a person a Muslim. Fitrah, in this sense, is the faculty, which He has created in mankind, of knowing Allâh. It is the natural constitution with which the child is created in his mother’s womb, whereby he is capable of accepting the religion of truth.[9] That fitrah refers to religion is further shown in a tradition in which it is related that the Prophet, may Allâh bless him and grant him peace, taught a man to repeat certain words when lying down to sleep, and said: ‘Then if you die that same night, you die upon the fitrah (in the true dîn).’ Also by the saying: ‘The paring of the nails is of the fitrah (i.e. of the dîn).’[10]

    This meaning is affirmed by sûrah 30 âyah 30:

    Alienation from Fitrah

    The central hadîth suggest that circumstantial (i.e. parental and other social) influences cause man to change and become alienated from his fitrah. However in Qur’ân 30:30 (‘There is no changing in the creation of Allâh.’) suggests that fitrah is universal unchanging given of the human constitution. This meaning is consistent with the linguistic definition of fitrah as innate natural disposition which cannot change, and which exists at birth in all human beings. The synthesis of the meanings of both statements is that although fitrah remains a universal unchanging given of the human constitution, people may, because of the elements of intellect and free-will, decide and choose to conduct themselves in a wrong or unlawful manner.

    Apart from the chosen prophets, I venture to say that there is no difference between the fitrah of individual men: all men are endowed with the same or an ‘equal’ fitrah. The believer is in harmony with his fitrah because his instincts are directed in service of Allâh, but the unbeliever is alienated from his fitrah because his instincts are in the service of everything else besides Allâh. The reason for man’s destruction of himself and his environment is that he has become alienated. Nevertheless, he can overcome this estrangement his will and intellect with the Divine will and knowledge. It is man’s recourse to Islâm which will enable him to effect such a reconciliation.

    We are all muslim - my friend - lmao. Now you need to call yourself baconeatingathiestmuslimjew :) and you know me - of course it's on the up and up.

  8. Sammygirl,

    ‘You make spelling mistakes in regards to the religion that an arab would not make - mistakes that change the whole definition of the word.’

    Why would I want to conform to the spellings that Moslems conform to? To me, now, it is just the same as calling Mohammed a prophet of god just because Moslems believe that. I would never do that, no matter how many object.

    Now to your objection to the spellings I use. I use a lot of spelling that not just an Arab but any other Moslem wouldn’t use, for example, I use ‘Koran’ instead of ‘Qur’an’ or even ‘Quran’. Why would I do that when I claim that I am an apostate from Islam? I have already explained, so I won’t waste anyone’s time repeating my reasoning. As for you saying that the meaning of the word changes because of the spelling, I disagree. I am writing in English, not Arabic, as you can plainly see. People who know English know what I am talking about, and since I love the spelling I use, and people understand what I say, I have no intention of changing it.

    If I conform to Arabs and Moslems customs, I would not just have to change ‘Koran’ to ‘Quran’ but also ‘Moslem’ to ‘Muslim’, ‘Mecca’ to ‘Makkah’, ‘Medina’ to ‘Madinah’, etc. Why would I do that? Just so my Moslem readers could be happy? How about they conform to my standards first and change their spelling? Why don’t they take the step for a change?

    ‘Your being an arab - you should be able to explain which word I am talking about.’

    I am an Arab? That’s news to me too. Why the hell did they hand me a Pakistani passport then? This does show how much you know about me and you say I am a fake. Wow! Anyway, just so you know, I was born in Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents, so I am Pakistani by descent. Right now I am living in the UAE. None of this makes me an Arab, but again, even if it did, now that I am not a Moslem (spellings!!!) I don’t give a damn if I hurt their feelings with my spellings.

    PS: Thanks for posting all that information to clear up bacon’s doubt. Because you’re being so cautious about the spellings, I would like to tell you that it is not ‘Azan’--it is ‘Adhan’. ‘Azan’ is the Urdu/Hindi pronunciation of the word; it is written and pronounced ‘Adhan’ in Arabic.

  9. That's right a Desi. Okay - that just about explains everything - NOT.

    LOL @ my spelling. Hey - I'm not the one claiming to have lived in Saudi Arabia and the UAE **rolling my eyes**. That's your excuse in regards to conforming in spelling - lmfao - too funny. How old are you anyway?

    Okay - so you can't spell - your knowledge of the religion you claim to have been born into sucks - seems to be based on traditions/customs more than on the book itself.

    Tell me again how the Quran allows fortune telling and curses. Tell me again how words are whispered into a newborns ear (you didn't even know it was the "adhan"??).

    Well - I think it is pitiful. Oh - by the way - how is your spelling and grammer practically impecable in regards to english - but you can't spell your native words correctly? Not willing to conform my ass!

    Also - one more thing - I have two friends that were in the military who have been in the UAE - and all I ever heard from them was how wonderful it was - how they had such a wonderful attitude towards them and the US.

  10. Hey SammyGirl, kiss our collective dhimmi a$$es! Have you hugged a jihadi terrorist today?