April 25, 2006

Fundy Intellects Up Close and Personal

Just more proof of how gullible, naive, and just plain stupid the Christian Right in America is.

Reminds me of the Fundies Say the Darndest Things site. Time for some April gems from their site:

"[Replying to 'as for not seeing evolution it takes several million years... incase you missed that memo...']
several million years for a monkey to turn into a man. oh wait thats right. monkeys dont live several million years."

-Queen of the tigers, Gaia

"[On Noah's Ark]

baby animals wouldn't take up as much space.
God may have put them in a deep sleep - hibernation.
He did it to Adam, He can do it again.
We call it local anesthesia."

-buzzardhut, Rapture Ready

"[Emphasis original]

There is no scientific data, which when _interpreted correctly_, conflicts with scripture.
However, when _interpreted correctly_, it does conflict with Evolution.
Please stop making hypocritical arguments. Ever since Darwin, evolutionists have looked at data with an OECism bias.
Both Creation Science and Evolutionary Science _ARE SCIENCE_. However, the science of the Creationist is the best science providing us with accurate dating of the earth."

-Prophetable, Christian Forums

"Of the World's smartest scientists, 2/3 of them believe in God. From that data, we can clearly see that they are much smarter than the remaining 1/3 that reject the idea of God.
It's quite simple."

AnotherAlias, Christian Forums

"[This poster is a creationist]

As far as, evolution 'predicting' anything, thats all it ever has done. Come up with a theory then go looking for evidence to prop it up. Most scientists look at the evidence, then come up with a theory."

Studyin'2Show, Bibleforums.org

"4.6 billion years is but the false conclusion arrived at by those who need the time and have no one to thank by the prince of this world----Lucifer."

LittleNipper, Christian Forums


  1. I love Jesus and not you Chamba!!!

    That's rich. Just today I met a couple of Marines based here from Utah. They appeared pretty noraml middle class men. They know alot about cars, everything about cars in fact. Getting "Smashed" to forget and all of that sort of stuff. Me being an Atheist have to bring God up in every minute. So I asked them what if ID was taught in Utah, what do you think? They were hardcore opposers of ID because they think Creationism is real. And guess what? I kid you not.. They blamed the Jews..

  2. Utah probably has many boneheads per capita as Alabama.