April 25, 2006



Ok, my only problem with this really funny video is that they call man monkeys, when I'd prefer being called an ape.

Biographical info on the writer/performer of this video, Ernest Cline, can be found here. His Nerd Porn Auteur is very touching, but I'm too lazy to find out what Auteur means. I'm such a lazy monkey.

One more thing, you can hear me on Freethought Radio as I have submitted a couple of pieces so far. Not sure when they actually air, or how often.


  1. How do you find this stuff?

    You post a lot of really interesting/cool stuff, thanks for the light break.

  2. Great video - love it... TFS...

  3. Tikkunger, I look for this kind of stuff, and other people know it too, so I sometimes get lucky and sometimes I get good tips. BTW, I checked your profile. Israel's spelling needs to be corrected:)

    Lisa, I feel pressured to keep this blog interesting, I'm glad I'm responding well right now to the pressure.

  4. Man, it just called the Beatles, Monkees an Neitzche monkeys...BLASPHEMY!!!

    Then again it raises the question of what I accuse most people of? Specieism.. Most people just elevate themselves higher than the animals they are and then justify this by their brains and start screwing up with Earth (Gaja). Killing other animals just for the sake of it. Wouldn't you think it's about time we come in terms with our true selves as animals?

  5. Whew... thanks for the laugh- nice to have one after playing with online racists today.

  6. I feel pressured to keep this blog interesting, I'm glad I'm responding well right now to the pressure.

    IMHO, you definitely are. This blog is always a nice change of pace from many of the others (not necessarily in a better or worse way, just a different pace). I also really like all the videos, which again, serves to differentiate this blog from the others.

    I also like having the opportunity to learn more about the Israel/Palestine issue. I know we're on different philosophical sides to some extent, but I enjoy hearing your opinion in any case. I've never been one to shut out other people's opinions...unless it's fundies, that is.

  7. its fixed , thanks for pointing it out.

  8. I like how the Noodly Master has a cameo

  9. Being an Indian I can only say the monkeys had it good. They have god-status. I think the visual clip shows some educated tomfoolery on laughter. ' Laugh and the world laughs with you' seems to be the principle. These practioners however call it' going ape.'
    I m a Christian but I hate being part of the church that has been taking his name in vain for so long. Interesting blog.
    You may want to check my blog. http://benny.journalspace.com
    keep blogging!

  10. Chimp, you should know that the Noodly Master is everywhere.

    Benny, interesting thoughts on your blog. Since you are a Christians and you seem to talk about science a lot there, how old do you think the earth is and do you believe in evolution?

  11. The word Monkey sounds funnier than ape.

  12. As a monkey, I found this post highly offensive. I expect an immediate apology.

  13. It's both funny and sad. We're a shameful, sad lot of monkies.

  14. BEAJ
    Sorry I didn't come to this site and let me tell you as a free thinking Christian I do believe in God and evolution. Only that God is not as popular believers subscribe to any person but a principle. As made up of matter you have got to believe in your own existence at least. If you didn't have faculty for abstract thinking you would not be a man. How can you call yourself man or cabbage unless you didn't give it a name? As free thinking, and partial to abstractions I hold God as the ultimate principle towards which I hope to arrive. When or how I do not know. But unless we are willing to make a go of it or give our best shot we do not justify our position among our kind as wise ones or homo sapiens. With regards to age of the earth you can get a more accurate answer from wikipedia.
    Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year