June 2, 2006

Congradulations To Spelling Be Champ

I watched the Spelling Be Championships last night and I was ammazed at the perserverance and the abundence of knowlege the participance had. There grammer was impeccible to.
I read alot, but I found it incredably embarassing that these kids new how to spell word that I never even herd of. Does'nt anyone else think it is wierd that these words were so unrecognisable.
The winner, Katharine Close, must have a super computor brain. She was definately the the most noticabley confidant and fastest contestent. She staid away from any miniscule mispellings in the contest, which was remarkible.
Any ways, I'm glad spelling isn't my passtime, as I am some times criticised about my spelling on this blog. I'm still having problems with words like seperate and desparate. I think I'll just stick with things I no, like being an Athiest.


  1. Frighteningly similar to many of the dissenting opinions you get here.

  2. LMAO...I was actually on the Spelling Bee Team for my high school back in the day; we took the championship that year. Very funny...

  3. You shood tri hoked on fonicks! It werked for mee!

  4. That was just silly. I am sure the competition had very little to do with the English language. German and French, perhaps, but not English.

    I still have trouble spelling worth and worse the right way round...

  5. I enjoyed your blog so much more when you actually wrote on scepticism and atheism (something in which I am very interested). Now that it has become one long diatribe against Arabs and Muslims I would think you should, at a minimum, consider changing the name to more accurately reflect your objective: to trash an entire race and religion.

    (PS I really miss your great clips)

  6. Duane, it has only been since May 25th since I posted a creationist thrashing video. Many bloggers haven't made one post since then.

    In case you don't know, I'm involved in a minor blog war at this time, and I usually go off on a tangent every now and then if you've been following my blog for some time.

    My full blog name is baconeatingatheistjew, it just reflects who I am, I never promised anyone that my blog would just have to do with anything specific and if you check my blogroll it varies from fellow atheists and fellow Islamophobes. It is just when I get into reading, I usually have more than one post to devote to what I currently have been researching.

    I have spent way more time ridiculing non Muslim believers on this blog btw. The pigs and apes post is very much a knock against religion.

  7. Holy crap, that was really hard for me to read! As I've said on this blog before, my regular job is writer/editor at a magazine. I'm known around the office for being anal with respect to grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    That post almost killed me!

  8. Frances, this post was painful to write too.

    I thought about your reaction at one point during the writing of it.

    Make sure you read my post about from May 29th. It will enhance your continued education of the conflict in Israel.